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Thread: E6 - 300-Meter Long-Shot One-Step-Turbo Outdoor Flashlight for New Review Event!!

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    Party E6 - 300-Meter Long-Shot One-Step-Turbo Outdoor Flashlight for New Review Event!!

    A brand-new flashlight E6 specially designed for outdoor use comes out!!

    Background Based on the product development thinking of user participation, Nextorch has gathered over twenty relevant users including flashlight lovers, gear buffs and outdoor enthusiasts in a group called “Feather”, which means the power of unity can help us fly and realize more. And E6 is just the intelligence result of Feather Group. From the original product concept to final product, every details are repeatedly discussed and confirmed by the group members. Over a year, a professional outdoor flashlight E6 is out now.


    • Dual switch, rotatable magnetic switch for mode switching, and tail cap switch for lighting up, to help reach the mode you used last time and enter the mode you want quickly;
    • All positions have momentary on - constantly on - one step turbo – S.O.S. modes, 4 necessary interactions of outdoor flashlights;
    • Safe Lock Mode avoiding unintended activation;
    • 900 lumen Turbo lighting for 300 meter long shot, max run time up to 44 hours at low mode.

    Would you like to see how powerful this new released flashlight is and what it can do for you?
    Reply here with your review link and your recent outdoor travel plan.
    Maybe you will be one of the reviewers to get this brand-new item for fresh experience and light up your adventure!!
    Come and join us right away!!

    Click to Learn More


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