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    Hello there!

    My name is Guido, a father of 2 beautiful daughters, coming from the Netherlands and 41 years of age.
    My occupation is Linesman/Boatman and Off-shore mooring specialist.
    For a hobby Iím an avid sportshooter and president of our local gunclub. Furthermore iím a fanatic (custom) knife collector. Besides all that I love to go fishing, and I love everything that has an internal cumbustion engine. I also ride a motorcycle, a BMW K1200S.
    I also have a great interest in W.W.2

    Iíve also been a nutcase for flashlights, I have a nice collection of SureFire lights, M4, M6, E1, E2...the list goes on.
    But the flashlights came on the background a couple of years ago, thinking I had the top of the line.....
    Until a friend shoved an Acebeam K70 in my hands.......dear Lord!!
    So my interest is back and iíve ordered a K70 and already saving for the next.hmmm...a Fenix TK75 or an Olight X7 or....

    Think iíll find enough information here.
    See you on the Forums!

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    Hello and Welcome

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    Welcome! :-)

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