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Thread: LED types in headlights?

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    Default LED types in headlights?

    I'm curious about what current generation factory LED automotive headlights are using. Is there any crossover between high output flashlights and automotive headlights? What about the daytime running lights? Just curious what folks know about this, and how hard they drive them for that matter.

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    seen quite a few broken headlights in body shop, they did not look like normal cree leds we use in flashlights. more like rectangular smd Samsung leds, when i come across another broken headlight, i'll take pics of leds. it shouldn't take long with amount of cars now that come with led head lights, and amount of crashes in nyc

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    They are using all kinds of things, but most common is multi-LED packages, some rectangular die for easy optics, and optimizations for maximum surface brightness, not total lumens. In some cases it could be the exact same die, just mounted in a different package.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeMeMe View Post
    optimizations for maximum surface brightness
    Emitter luminance may be a better term-- surface brightness is more of an astronomy thing. Luminance is expressed in cd/m2 (candela per square meter).

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