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Thread: Nitecore MT10A Discontinued

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    Smile Nitecore MT10A Discontinued

    Hi CPFers!

    Newbie here, and have been a recent lurker. I have been doing quite a bit of reading into getting a good EDC that is powered by AA and/or AAA batteries. My main aim is to have one which is small and light enough to carry with me everywhere I go.

    I am very taken in by the Nitecore MT10A as it is one of the brighter lights out there with good run time and a tonne of features (half of which I may not use often, but hey, I'm a sucker for extra features). However, I noticed that it has been discontinued. Does anyone of you know why it is discontinued? Many places has stopped carrying it.


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    Don't know the answer, but check out the Lumintop Tool AAA and the Tool 2.0 to see if that fits your needs or requirement.

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    Hi Doom,

    I agree with LetThereBeLight! Check out BOTH the Lumintop AAA Tool and the new Lumintop AA Tool. The new AA Tool is a SCREAMING deal at

    a cost of under twenty dollars (I just bought two). I also own three AAA Tools which are among my favorite/most used/most carried Flashlights. Also,

    keep in mind that the new AA Tool not only uses AA Batteries by also rechargeable 14500 Cells. I own several Flashlight using AA/14500 Batteries. A GOOD way to go!

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    That tool AA is a nice light but it donít compare to the MT10A. Itís one of the few lights Iíve owned that punches way above its size to light to run time ratio. Nothing Iíve seen compares if someone is looking for a very powerful short and small light that can also be stepped down to run more like other lights itís size when you donít need all that power.

    Itís too bad they got rid of it. Hopefully they have something in the works to compare closely to it but I doubt they could replace it without closely copying it in the first place.

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    Hi all,

    Boris, I have no doubt the MT10A is a VERY nice light. While I do not own the MT10A, I DO own the NITECORE MT1C (1X CR123).

    I admit to having been a bit confused with the UI on the MT1C however, after watching a very good Youtube Video review (explanation of UI)

    on the MT1C, I now believe I've got the hang of it! The MTIC is a very nice light with BEAUTIFUL quality. That being said, I'm still "Blown Away"

    by the Lumintop AA Tool Flashlight (ESPECIALLY) considering it's bargain price!

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