Hello All,

My name is Josh, I am new to joining this forum but I am a frequent visitor. I love all things LED and am a little obsessed with them like many of you here. I am in the Higher the power of the LED the more fun category and love building my own lights. I have Built from the ground up a few Mill head lights for going around the head of a Mill, I have built some shop lighting for my shop as well as my old mans, I built some custom headlights for my kids power wheels (they are brighter than my car headlights and yes there is high and low beams). I have also built some stuff for my drone and I generally have a stock pile of LED's lying around ranging from small 5mm all they way up to 100W. I look forward to looking at all the post from people on this forum and getting feedback on my latest project which is a flashlight that is roughly 40,000 lumen, .4Kw and liquid cooled ( I started a post in the homemade section LINK). Thanks for letting me join and thought I would just say Hi