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Thread: IR reading Miboxer C4-12 vs Zanflare C4

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    Default IR reading Miboxer C4-12 vs Zanflare C4

    I was charging 4 18650 batteries (various brands including one Nitecore) in my Miboxer C4-12 a couple of days ago. The Nitecore didn't seem to be charging very fast and was showing an IR of 999 milliohm's, the rest of the batteries were reading in the low to mid 100's.

    I took the Nitecore battery and put it in the Zanflare and ran the NOR test, it ran and all looked ok with the IR reading about 150. When I put the battery back in the Miboxer the IR reading was 666.

    Any idea what's going on with this?


    Just ignore, I posted on Budget Light Forum and got all the info I needed in about 20 min.
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