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Thread: Round Ford fog light replacement?

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    Default Round Ford fog light replacement?

    I'm interested to know if anyone has found a viable replacement for the small round 3.5" Ford fog lights that mount behind the bumper on many Ford Rangers, Focus, Mustang, and Explorers.

    I need to replace both destroyed lamps on my '02 ranger FX4, but I'd like to put something in there that, you know, actually does something. Living in dark, wet, moose-infested coastal Alaska fog beams are occasionally useful but I'd prefer a driving beam to supplement the mediocre highbeams (already upgraded to Philips XtremeVisions), if there is such a thing. Frustratingly, these lights mount directly to the backside of the plastic facia, there is no solid mounting point anywhere nearby, so it seems the options are going to be grim.

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    The low mount location isn't optimal for auxiliary high beam ("driving") lamps, but it's what you have. I think there might be a driving lamp version of the OE-type lamp, buried in Ford's export-parts bin. Shoot Daniel Stern an email about it; if anyone would know, he's probably the guy. You would also want to make sure the headlamps are actual Ford units (not aftermarket) and that they're in perfect condition and aimed correctly with an optical aiming machine, and you might want to brighten them up by putting in relays.

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    Default Re: Round Ford fog light replacement?

    Australian market 2000 Mustangs used auxilary high beams mounted in the front bumper cover to meet Australian design rules for high beam lights, the OE US export, Japan spec iirc, couldn't meet our standards. They used a 90mm Hella halogen high beam module, they went for that module due to originally hoping to place it in the OE foglight location. However they found it was sub-optimal, the engineering director at the time stated they actually made things worse because now you had a big hotspot right infront of the car.
    https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikiped...erly hotlinked

    None of the components were listed on the Ford Parts system, and were made as required so were NLA pretty much as soon as the cars were done.
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    Holy toledo! I knew they used the Japan-spec headlamps on the Australian Mustang of that generation, which were left hand-traffic versions of the US headlamp (HB5/9007 bulb), but I wasn't aware of the ugly vandalism they did to the front bumper to put in those driving lamps.

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