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Thread: SOLD: Tri-Color Timascus Azco 16340

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    Default SOLD: Tri-Color Timascus Azco 16340

    Specs of Tri-Color Timascus Azco 16340
    - Tri-Color Timascus Shell
    - Sapphire Glass Lens
    - Brass Light Engine
    - OP Reflector
    - Driver L-M-H 3 Mode with Memory, 10ma-300ma-1000ma
    - Operation: Click On, Click again off, Double click to change mode.
    - Nine(9) 1.5mm x 6mm tritium slots around the tail
    - Six(6) 1.5mm x 6mm tritium slots in the switch button.
    - 1.5V~4.2V
    - Battery: 1 x 16340 Li-ion Cell or 1 x CR123 Primary Lithium Cell
    - Emitter Nichia 219 Hi Cri
    - Head Diameter: 23mm
    - Length: 68.5mm

    - Tri-Color Timascus Azco 16340 SOLD $1200 each (tritium is included in the price) + shipping
    - Please indicate the number of the light that you wish to purchase.

    Tritium color: Green, Yellow, Ice Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue, White, Red.

    There are 9 (nine) trits in the tail, it's best that you choose single color or three color trits.

    Glow color: Green, Blue, Aqua

    - Express Mail Service with full value insurance : $40 for one light ($45 for two lights).

    Payment method:
    Please email your ordering details to piccolo [dot] ti [at] gmail [dot] com. I will send you a Paypal invoice for the payment. All PayPal Direct Payments will be refund without prior notice.

    * Prices are shown in US dollars.
    * As per Paypal's policy. I ship only to the address listed on the Paypal Transaction Details page. I only ship to PayPal approved countries and regions [].
    * The lights will be shipped from Taiwan. Any import duties, taxes or brokerage fees due at the time of delivery are the sole responsibility of the receiver. Packing slips cannot be marked as a "gift" or with altered prices.
    * Your order will be shipped within 3 weeks after payment is received, depending on tritium color availability.

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    Default Re: FS: Tri-Color Timascus Azco 16340

    beautifully done, i prefer the darkest shade timascus. congrats sir!

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    Default Re: FS: Tri-Color Timascus Azco 16340

    Beautiful as always.
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    Default Re: FS: Tri-Color Timascus Azco 16340

    stunning work!

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    Default Re: FS: Tri-Color Timascus Azco 16340

    Yes, beautiful as always. Iíll take one. (I like the one on the right).

    Email sent!
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