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Thread: Folomov Key Charger: I love it already!

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    Default Folomov Key Charger: I love it already!

    Note: This charger and battery was kindly provided by Folomov for me to review.


    I received the Folomov Key Charger in a beautiful packaging, plain and simple. Folomov took special care to wrap the plastic case in bubble wrap to protect it from damage during shipping, which was admittedly a nice touch.
    I must admit that I had my doubts about a charger the size of a wireless car remote. Iíve always used Nitecore chargers to charge my lithium ion batteries and recently changed to a Liitokala dual bay. However, these chargers are typically more bulky, and I looked forward to having a small charger that could still do the job, especially when I need to travel light Ė this Folomov Key Charger proved its worth, and I must say I havenít left home without it in the past month that Iíve been testing it for!

    What do I love about it?

    • Small
    • Light
    • Batteries donít get warm
    • Clear indication of battery level via the 4 bright LEDs
    • Can be used to charge/power other appliances i.e. powerbank (see use case below)

    Folomov also kindly provided a 3400mAh battery for me to test this on.

    This is how it looks like, with all its cable unraveled. The docking bay takes the positive end of the battery while the circular removable bit takes the negative end. Both are magnetic, which helps the battery stay in place while charging. Without the battery, the negative end snaps right in, flush with the body of the charger.

    For size comparison, from left: 14500 battery, Folomov Key Charger, Olight S1A baton. Small and lightweight, perfect for charging on the go.


    These specs are provided by the manufacturer, and can be found here:

    Weight: 31g / 1.09oz
    Length: 66mm / 2.60in
    Width: 37mm / 1.46in
    Thickness: 17mm / 0.67in

    $16.99 USD on Amazon

    Compatible Batteries
    Compatible with 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion rechargeable batteries above 2000mAh in capacity (18650, 20700, 21700

    Max charge current: 2A
    Max discharge current: 2A

    Other features

    • Automatically activate 0V batteries
    • Overcharge and over-discharge protection
    • Short circuit protection
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Battery level indicator

    Charging Indicator & battery capacity
    1 blinking LED: below 25%
    1 solid LED, 1 blinking: 25% Ė 49%
    2 solid LEDs, 1 blinking: 50% Ė 74%
    3 solid LEDs,1 blinking: 74% Ė 99%
    4 solid LEDs: 100%

    Keyring Attachment

    Charging up my powerbank using the 18650 battery. As this had 1 solid LED and 1 blinking, the battery capacity was between 25% Ė 49%.

    Since this battery had built in charging capabilities, you can also charge it up using any Micro USB cable. Sweet!

    How Iíve been carrying and using it

    I attach it to a keyring, which then hangs together with my keys and pill fobs. Itís so compact I sometimes forget I have it with me.

    Iíve also used it to charge up my sisterís iPhone 8. It went from 85% to full charge in about 20 minutes. Nifty little gadget.

    Attached my cute little USB flood light, and I get a floody light source, ready for outdoor picnics.

    What I think can be improved on

    • Would be nice if it can charge more battery types
    • A way for us to select the charging current (so we can select a lower current, thereby extending the battery life)
    • The charging head (the one that plugs into the power source) should align with the body of the charger, and not jut out
    • Change orientation of keyring attachment hole so the keyring can lie flat (or even better, provide the keyring)


    Since Iím not a fan of buying lights that are MicroUSB rechargeable (because I think it affects its waterproofing capability), I need a charger that I can bring with me on the road or for trips. This tiny little Key Charger fits my needs, and will be part of my EDC. The powerbank feature is a nice bonus and that means I donít have to carry that bulky powerbank anymore.

    If youíd like to read a more technical review of the battery complete with charts and graphs, HKJ has done a fantastic job of that here.
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    Default Re: Folomov Key Charger: I love it already!

    Hi everyone, Iím so sorry for the low resolution images right now. I only just realised that it has suffered from terrible file size compression. I will be working to resolve it ASAP. Thank you for your understanding. Cheers!

    EDIT: Problem solved. Hosting on Wordpress was the problem. It automatically compressed my images - Flickr saved the day!
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    Default Re: Folomov Key Charger: I love it already!

    Just a friendly noteó I picked up the Folomov A1, plugged it into my computer and attached it to an Olight 18650 that just needed a little top up. Went back into the room half an hour later to find it had not stopped blinking (to indicate a full charge) moved the tip slightly to make sure it was set properly, and the thing started smoking. Unhooked it and threw in the garbage. So beware of safety issues folks.

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