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Thread: *Withdrawn* WTS: TK75vn IDEAL

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    Default *Withdrawn* WTS: TK75vn IDEAL

    Letís be clear... I donít want to sell this!!! In any case, I want to try some other lights, so itís for sale.

    To me this is the most perfect flooder light! Two switches, two beams, in the best 4x18650 host, ever made!

    TK75vn IDEAL

    Flood beam: 2x XHP70.2 5000k
    2x XHP70.2 3000k High CRI

    10,350 lumens of beautiful, warm, near 180 degree mule beam. (The widest mule iíve ever had!)

    Throw beam: 16x XPL-HI 6500k

    14,220 lumens all in a huge spot! 120k Lux Throw.

    Both beams can be run separately, or at the same time!
    Each switch has a separate Driver VNX2.

    The light has a few ano chips, but is overall in good shape! It comes with 8 VTC5A 18650 batteries, a extra body/extender, spec cards, and the box. Asking $1,200, $1,100 *Withdrawn*

    Mcgizmo AquaRam, Mahi, Makai.
    Oveready Boss 70
    HDS rotary high CRI
    X80vn, Tk72vn
    Possibly other high end lights.

    First ďiíll Take itĒ followed by PayPal, gets it!
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    Default Re: FS: TK75vn IDEAL

    Holy monkey Batman! We have a new bat signal!
    a single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows- St. Francis of Assissi

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    Default Re: FS: TK75vn IDEAL

    Itís certainly an incredible light! Trade options added.
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    Default Re: FS: TK75vn IDEAL

    Price drop!
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    Huge, final drop! I like it too much to give it away. Grab it now, before itís gone!
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    Last chance before I keep it!
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