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Thread: Modular edc platform - are my requirements realistic?

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    Default Modular edc platform - are my requirements realistic?

    Folks, I’m looking for help identifying the components/framework/platform for my next light assembly. I call it assembly instead of “build” because I’m not actually building anything per se, I’m just assembling parts & legos together….

    I don’t know if what I’m hoping to find even exists, so please bare with me. I’m new to “assembling” my own flashlights, having just completed my own (and first) s2+ host with mcpcb and driver from mtn electronics… so its possible that what I’m seeking (described below) doesn’t exist, and I don’t know what I don’t know. I know that!

    My challenge: build a solid, good looking (yes - good looking is relative), long lasting edc light, that can grow/change shape/features over time with additional “plug and play” parts (I’m not a machinist by any stretch of the imagination). I don’t want a common off the shelf light torch like a convoy or surefire, and I’d like to be able to build my own pills (with commonly available parts like those from mtn electronics) to use different LEDs/drivers depending on how I feel that day/week/month. Eventually probably putting a CW dragon driver in it).

    I’ve looked at moddooler by OVerready, but either I’m not finding tails+bodies+heads on their website (I can find tails and bodies, but no heads that fit my desire to change pills?), or ???? It’s entirely possible that all I need help with is finding the right parts on their website…

    I’ve looked at malkoff devices (md2s and the like), but doesn’t feel like it’s the right fit (can I build my own pills with common parts?) so maybe all the help I need is finding the right howto thread/article, etc…

    I spent 6-8 hours on a plane today, researching and looking (via the planes WiFi) for what I’m desiring - to no avail, so I decide to list my desired requirements (which actually was really helpful) and ask here for help/guidance.

    Below is my “wish list” of requirements…

    Total initial spend approximately $150

    All parts can be less expensive parts to help keep initial cost down (but I’d like to ensure that I don’t prevent myself from obtaining my end goal with the desired look/feel/functionality/portability).

    All parts purchased from reputable sellers (ideally in conus)…

    Target max output: 800 lumens (or more…. more is “better”). I like a targeted throw, so nominal light spill...

    Ideally the parts have some form of matching machined texture.

    Eventually/possibly have the finished product cerakoted…but will it ever actually be “finished? Doubtful…

    Body Size: 1x18350, ideally with a separate body to go to 18650.

    Exterior is ideally a modular framework similar to moddooler from overready.com. Or malkoff mdxs…

    Crenelated head similar to https://malkoff-devices.myshopify.co...-wildcat-bezel (keeping in mind it’ll be an edc in my pocket, so not so aggressive to cause unneeded wear on my pocket). Mostly for aesthetic reasons, but generally don’t like things that sit flat on a surface either…

    I would like a wasp style head eventually…But realize my initial budget probably doesn’t allow for it.

    TriCap Tailcap (similar to https://malkoff-devices.myshopify.co...md2-md3-or-md4 keeping in mind it’ll be an edc in my pocket, so not so aggressive to cause unneeded wear on my pocket)

    Mcclicky tail switch

    A deep pocket clip that allows clipping in a pocket, and on a hat bill (similar to those seen in this thread: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/...eep-Carry-Clip ).

    Ok, that’s the wishlist so far, can anyone help point me in a direction that fits what I’m looking for? Does anything close even exist?


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    Default Re: Modular edc platform - are my requirements realistic?

    McGizmo Aleph series fits the spirit of what you describe above .... The bad news is that it has been discontinued for some time now.
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    Default Re: Modular edc platform - are my requirements realistic?

    Maybe look at the Surefire 6P style of torch. A bit large for everyday (your preference, of course), but an absolute stalwart of the flashlight world. Imminently modular, and pretty inexpensive, unless you go crazy with options.

    The Malkoff MD2 on the right, (next to a Peak LED Solutions Nightforce) uses the same platform, so there are literally thousands of dropins you can buy/ create/ assemble

    Moodolar is excellent stuff, but it's pretty expensive. Their LED systems are built around their own 371d-based engines, but there are many head/ bezel options available to you that take the standard 6P/ P60/ D26 (same name for the same light engine) dropins.

    The only thing missing is the deep clip. That's not easy to do with a 6P. The closest I've found is the vintage Surefire D2, here next to a tan Convoy S8+
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    Default Re: Modular edc platform - are my requirements realistic?

    Thanks guys for the input...

    here a a few days later, reading my original post again, I realize that a malkoff md2 is probably the best fit that I’m looking for - if I understand one thing correctly...I think, DrafterDan gave me the piece of information I was missing...

    if if I go with a malkoff md2 (https://malkoff-devices.myshopify.co...ck-type-iii-ha), I can build my own p60 dropins? I’m trying to sort out the m61 vs p60 differences though to confirm this...

    if I understand right, I can get a p60 drop (I.e. from http://www.mtnelectronics.com/index....tegory&path=86) and a mcpcb and driver of my choice, assemble the drop in, and “drop” it into the md2?

    Or, I could drop one of these in an md2: (https://www.edcplus.com/p60-dropins-...pin-p-238.html) ?

    Am I understanding that correctly?
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    Default Re: Modular edc platform - are my requirements realistic?

    I decided to go with Texas Lumens, has good quality, (relatively) low cost, can get standard p60 dropins, p60 blanks (to make my own), etc. for the most part fits my requirements.

    i ordered today:

    All other parts/pieces Ill desire in the future can be custom made by them as well.

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    Default Re: Modular edc platform - are my requirements realistic?

    Congrats! Dan at TL is awesome

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