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Thread: Battlescars

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    Default Battlescars

    Lets see those battlescars, worn finishes, and seasoned flashlights!

    First up is my Streamlight Stinger DS LED HP. I've owned this light since 2014 and is my primary flashlight for work, I used for about everything from work, home, working on the cars. It just recently came back from having some warranty repair. The bezel/lens was replaced during warranty repair, the old bezel/lens had some seasoning.

    IMG_20181108_160730866 by Scott Holmes, on Flickr

    IMG_20181108_160722219 by Scott Holmes, on Flickr

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    Default Re: Battlescars

    This FourSevens QTA was my EDC light for over 4 years. Also used at work 40 hours per week. Still works like new though it was replaced by an OLight M1T.

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    Default Re: Battlescars

    If you want more of this, there's already a VERY big thread here...


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