Hello. I'm an electrician, not new to forums but obviously new to this one. I will fill out my profile, a lil pressed 4 time right now. I'm working on a parking garage that is very dimly litt in Pa. Gets dark around 4 pm right now. So lighting is a huge issue. It's also freezing at this site. The open garage and its height create a nasty wind tunnel with no sun. So efficiency on all tasks is imperative. Me and my co worker can only work for roughly 20 mins at a time on the upper floors before our hands are numb. Their are very dimly litt sections up in the corners of the ceiling. We are now installing camera gear. Which has 8 small data wires in a series of colors that have to be installed perfect every time. Head lamps and flashlights help. However we really need a wider task light. We have a few receptacles we installed on a few floors just so we have temp power but the place is just to big to run cords around everywhere. Gennys are heavy, no elevator. So that leaves battery power only. Thinking about something off of a battery that can be ran off of a tool cart. (Like a rubbermaid or husky cart) it needs to be bright, adjustable, rechargeable, last 5-6 hours a day or more. Have multiple heads and be cheap, company will tell us to use the genny b4 they put out $ on somthing thats not proven and durable... anyway, that's one of the reasons I'm here. To do my homework and learn my options. I may run somthing off a car battery and charge it at night or a drill battery, I have some hilti 36v's, which are great batteries... but i dont know how they would do operating a dual headed drop light. So, I'll be around and ill post pics and updates of my failure and success. Thanks, hope to learn alot as quickly as possible.