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Thread: Hello from PEI Canada

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    Default Hello from PEI Canada

    Hello, from PEI Canada.

    New member today but I have been to the site before.

    I come from the R/C hobby so have some basic knowledge of batteries, charging soldering and such but I'm definitely a newbie to a lot of this.

    I am building on my Milwaukee M18 tool platform and would like to learn how to build some high output LED flood and spot lights to use with my M18 batteries. The price of the Milwaukee ones are just too far out of reach for me.

    I will do my best to not ask questions already covered by old threads.

    Looking forward to learning from everyone.

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    Default Re: Hello from PEI Canada

    With a bit of luck, you will find the info you are looking for, on the forum.

    Cheers from Downunder, where there isn't a snowflake within about 10,000 kms.


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    Default Re: Hello from PEI Canada

    Welcome, my wife & I love PEI. When we lived in New Brunswick we never visited, but we visited twice from NY State, once from Washington State and twice from Ohio.

    And it's snowing in Ohio right now and heading your way...

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