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Thread: KPR20 bulbs - still available?

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    Default KPR20 bulbs - still available?

    After having picked up a 1960's Ever Ready 'Space Ray' - the one with the 4 1/2 inch head and laser focused beam - I am looking to fit a KPR20 (8.63V, 0.5A) bulb but I cannot find them for sale anywhere. I can get PR20 'gas fill' but not krypton.

    Before I put a wanted ad here on CPF I thought I would ask. I'm sure I remember them for sale but looking online I get no hits at all (I am in the UK).

    If they are discontinued, is there a bulb of similar rating that is also krypton?

    I am using 'gas fill' PR20 at the moment, but would really like to use krypton.

    Thanks for any leads.

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    Default Re: KPR20 bulbs - still available?

    A place called Norman Lamps has them. They also have an eBay store.

    Ship to the UK? That I do not know.
    John 3:16

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    Default Re: KPR20 bulbs - still available?

    Cheers. They didn't show up on a Google UK search but do on a search so I will drop them a line. hoping for success!

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