I have tried a Rofis R1 (borrowed one from a friend) and instantly loved it.

The form factor (head mounted swivel lens) and the beam pattern is ideal for my needs: close-up, intricate work with small tools in places with poor ambient lighting.

I like the fact that the light itself can be detached from the headband and used like a normal light and can magnetically stick to things (again the swivel head is super useful).

But the Rofis is a bit too expensive for me right now. Amazon does have them in the UK warehouses but it's £55, overseas sellers (Shenzhen mainly) are £34 but the delivery date is waaaay off.

I'd like to get a somewhat comparable light from a UK seller for less than about £35 inc shipping.

Don't care about tint (blasphemy I know!) because this is mainly for my day job.