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Thread: CPF Modder's "Yellow Pages"

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    Default CPF Modder's "Yellow Pages"

    Hi folks,

    PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

    This sticky thread is for modders and other who are providing parts or services to fellow CPF members. Each of these "providers" can place a single post here which can be edited and maintained as needed. Within it, the modder or provider can state what, how, and where and link to CPF threads as well as off forum web sites.

    This thread is not open to discussions or questions but should be viewed strictly as a reference tool where the modder or provider can state what it is that they are currently modding or providing as well as reference links and perfered methods of communication, business transactions and what have you.

    This is not necessarily a step forward to a more professional or less personal method of communication but more a step towards a more effective method of accessing what is currently available from the members of CPF who are in fact offering their modding services or providing parts, builds or what have you. The term modder has evolved to the point that the product being offered is now often a newly designed part or light and not a modification of an existing part or light.

    This thread is also a good place for modders who display and share their ideas on CPF to post that they currently do not offer their goods or services for hire. An excellent case in point is right below and posted by a fellow who many wish the "not for sale" were not the case!

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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \"Yellow Pages\"

    Hi Don, [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink2.gif[/img]

    I am not a "modder." (Unless it's something for me. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] ) In case nobody's noticed, I have never sold anything on BS&amp;T. I am <font color="red">not</font> seeking design/machine work to suppliment my 40+ hour workweek! I do enjoy contributing to the "knowledge base" here, and I also like putting little lights in peoples lives. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] For me, it is a hobby, and available personal time necessitates I keep it that way. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

    (Sorry for the first reply to this thread being kinda negative. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img] )


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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \"Yellow Pages\"

    McGizmo mods and builds:

    Hi guys,

    I have a link in my sig line to a web page set that shows much of the flashlight mods and ideas I have had since becoming a member here on CPF. It is just a rather loosly formed chronology of ideas. Most of what is shown has never been for sale or duplication for hire. There are some items and lights shown which have been done in limited runs and available for sale either as DIY components or builds offered and sold here through the years. For current builds and offerings please review the McGizmo Forum .

    The current offerings relate to the new and developing Aleph Series:

    I prefer E-mail communications when private communication is required. In general, I believe questions receive quicker as well as better and more comprehensive answers if they are posted here on the forum where any number of folks can respond with answers as well as diverse but valid opinions.

    I believe I am first and formost a modder and tinkerer but being self employed has allowed me to delve deeper into this exciting and everchanging landscape of new solid state illumination and I have been trying to carve a path where my income and explorations can to a significant extent be an extension of this hobby. Most of the flashlight related parts and components I have taken into limited production runs are available from Wayne Yamaguchi's Shoppe.

    I have done some design and prototyping work as a subcontractor for a few flashlight companies and am always open to such work. It is not work that I mention or discuss on CPF and I believe I have a clear view of what is appropriate and not appropriate for public disclosure. Although I have partnered to a strong degree with Wayne Yamaguchi, both he and I are open to, and have engaged in, works and projects apart from eachother.

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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \"Yellow Pages\"

    Might as well post here since I get so many requests. I mod Surefire KL1's, L1's, KL3's, KL4's, Arc LS series, Fire-Fly's. Hmmm, I've done other miscellaneous mods too numerous to mention. I can boost drive, replace LED's, replace optics with reflectors, anything that doesn't require much machinery but requires electronics know-how. I cannot post prices since mods require different amounts of labor. If you're interested, PM me for details. As I've been extremely busy outside of CPF, I can probably handle a limited number of jobs at any specific moment but I won't take anything on if it's going to take more than a week for you to get your light back.


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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \

    As promised, here is my offer for custom kydex sheaths in a (hopefully) clear and short description.
    I’m not taking more than five orders at a time. Before sending a pm, please look below for status:

    Sorry, this service is no longer available. I simply don't have the time... I'll leave the pics in case someone wants to build something similar...

    Five different styles are available:

    1: Sandwich: Consists of two pieces, held together by rivets

    perfect for belt- and neck carry

    2: Wrap style one:
    One piece, wrapped over the light, fixed on both sides

    good for small and bigger lights, perfect for belt- and neck carry

    3: Wrap style two: Consists of one piece, wrapped over the light, fixed on one side, or one side and bottom.

    Fixed on one side: belt carry only. Fixed on one side and bottom: belt- and neck carry

    4: Slimline. Made to be as small as possible. Fixed with rivets on bottom, glued at the side.

    5: Adjustable design for firefly and others.

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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \"Yellow Pages\"

    Custom Lanyards Built to order. Protect your investment [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img] I offer matched sets, singles and specialty lanyards; including neck lanyards, wrist, pocket and belt lanyards. Examples of these lanyards can be found HERE

    Here and HERE

    10% of the Proceeds go to CPF's General Fund. I have quite a few different paracord colors and hardware options to choose from. Orders are custom made and shipped within one week of receipt. PayPal preferred and shipping is via USPS with confirmation. AK, HI &amp; overseas shipments are extra.

    PM me with requests and payment info. Thanks.

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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \"Yellow Pages\"

    Well, I'll throw my shrimp on the barbie too...

    I build McLux and Aleph heads to your specs. Light engine only, entire light, whatever.

    I also repair and upgrade McLux, Aleph, and Surefire LED heads.

    PM me for details, pricing, references, timeframes, &amp;c. Examples of my work can be found in the websites in my signature.

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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \"Yellow Pages\"

    Happy to make any mods with one of the most popular hosts around that revolve around the C or D battery configuration.

    Hosts: 2C, 3C, 4C, 5C, 6C, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D
    Battery types: AA, C, D, Pila 150A/S, Pila 168A/S, CR123s
    Chemistry: Alkaline, NiMh, Lithium, Lithium-ion
    LED: Luxeon I, Luxeon V

    Check the links in my sig below.

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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \"Yellow Pages\"

    <ul type="square">
    Documentation projects[*]LED DB
    The LED DB is a compilation of white LED datasheets in table format to aide apples-to-apples comparisons between a wide range of commercially-available emitters. There are some calculations performed in the source spreadsheet to determine lumens output and some comparison metrics. Please bear in mind that lumens calculations are subject to error.
    [*]Luxeon Binning Guide
    This document distills all the essentials from Lumileds' Luxeon Binning Guide (AB21) to a single page. If you've never understood what TWAK or R2HR mean, this document should explain it in less time than you can download AB21.
    [*]Mini-review index
    An index of the mini-reviews I've done on CPF.

    Accessories Projects:[*]VIP Pocket Clip (ongoing)[*]VIP/LH+accessories case (gauging interest)[/list]

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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \"Yellow Pages\"

    I'll post briefly here and hopefully update it later, when I've got some additional time. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ohgeez.gif[/img]

    I can create or mod pretty much anything. I've worked solo on several projects in my not-so-famous "Milky Labs," and collaborated with various machinists around CPF to produce things. Pricing is simple: for most typical mods, I charge $10-30 labor, plus the parts cost, shipping and Paypal fees. That's it. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

    Guess my specialty is on the creative side of things, dreaming up a custom solution to somebody's problem, and making it real. I also like to help folks walk through their prospective mod based on their intended use for the end product, and assist in selecting something appropriate for THEM. As far as the dollars and cents, I like to give folks an itemized accounting of where their money went.

    Finally, although I (like pretty much all the other modders around here) am just a hobbyist and can't offer lifetime warranties and such, I will gladly repair any of my work if it goes bad over the following year or so for the cost of the replacement parts (if any) only.

    Links to some of my past mods, with the recipient's comments in some cases...

    Milky Candle plus LED Museum's Review Page
    Milky Tester for 123 cells
    KL1 with Lux III SY0J and SO17XA Reflector
    Arc LS Mods with bquinlan's testimonial
    Homemade Space Needle II
    Milkbone 2AA (also runs on 1x123 and even 1AA)
    RayoFlood 6V Lantern Mod
    Master Blaster (7320 lux!)
    The EverMag!

    Finally, here's a 123 cell article I posted quite a while ago that might be of interest...

    My 123 Test! Tekcell vs. SureFire

    Many thanks to all who have put their faith in me in the past, and to all others, please know that I will always do my best, and treat your project as if it were my own.

    Thanks all! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default CPF Modder\'s \"Yellow Pages\"

    Howdy do!

    I am a modder of all things hot wire. I specialize in bulb, batteries and complete systems for the Maglite platforms. I also do handheld spotlights and other strange little mods. If it's super bright it's me. Well, except for HID as that's a bit rich for my finances.

    I don't presently build systems due to time demands but the frequency with which I answer inquiries via PM indicates to me that there is still a lot of interest. I prefer to consult at this time and welcome helping out on any dreams of insane brightness you might wish to bring to reality.

    I'll be back over time to post links to threads that are representative of the kind of work I do. It's mostly based on rechargeables and it's mostly biased towards extreme brightness and affordability. Runtime? What's runtime. So, the finest examples of my work are "demonstration" lights although the MC60 and Mag85 are eminently practical and among the most powerful of their genre.


    Project Aurora

    MagCharger Bulbs and Battery Mods

    Streamlight Stinger Mods

    Monster Maglite 3D vs. Vector 2 Million Candlepower Spotlight

    Parallel Serial 2x2 Battery Carrier

    Modifying Carley Reflectors to Fit a Mag Head

    Frosted Bulb Beam Quality Improvement

    Super Squashlite

    Mag 2C and 4C High Output Mods

    Osram 62138HLX Superbulb

    MagCharger Battery Testing

    Testing High Current and High Capacity Cells

    Custom Stinger and MagCharger Battery Packs

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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \

    Oh, good! I am honored that my post is right after Ginsengs!

    I too am a hotwire modder, and I have done projects involving the TigerLight and the SF M6.

    At the moment, I have one active B/S/T thread offering ring-potted lamps (and sometimes reflectors) for owners of my TigerLight mods.

    Other than that, I do not keep running B/S/T threads. Instead I do build runs and sign-up threads. The first TL build run is finished and closed, but I will be opening a second signup thread for the second build run but I am unsure of the exact time; also, I am developing a second generation of TL mods. The SF M6-R signup thread is also closed and the first (and possibly only) build-run is in progress.

    I will continue to edit this post and keep it up to date regarding what threads are open and what threads are due to open in the future and when.
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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \

    Howdy flashlight fans!

    I'm currently building Alephs, and am happy to build/mod/destroy McLuxs as well. I've had a soldering iron on just everything that starts with "Mc"

    Aleph builds:

    Note: If the mumbo-jumbo below confuses you, please email me - cpf (at) darelldd (dot) com) - to discuss your needs. I can suggest the build that I think would be best for you.

    I usually have something pre-built, and I can build up just about any combination of parts you'd want. I can do custom tail resistance, custom LE's - whatever you're looking for. If you want something with a 5W emitter, your best bet is to track down your own emitter and send it along for your build - I don't stock them! Below are what I call the reverse extremes of these parts. The biggest "small" light and the smallest "big" light. You decide which is which.

    Aleph Pricing (This is going to look pretty familiar!)

    Base light - $195. Aleph I head with a BadBoy/DownBoy Lux3 converter on a 1X123 body with a McE2S two stage tail cap. Complete lights being shipped within the CONUS will include a Surefire 123 cell.

    Exchanges to the above configuration can be made as follows:

    Exchnge BadBoy or DownBoy converers for the new NextGen converter, Add $12

    Exchange Aleph 1 head for an Aleph 2 head Add $2.00 (i.e. base price for Aleph 2 on 1x123 - $197)

    Exchange Aleph 1 head for Aleph 3 head Add $15 (i.e. base price for Aleph 3 on 1x123 - Add $210)

    Exchange pak for 2x123 pak with 2 SF 123 cells Add $ 4

    Exchange for "Trim" Tail Cap: state "Trim Tail Cap" in order N/C (only in HA black at the moment)

    EN Tab added to tail cap Add $3
    Swivel Belt Clip Add $3.75
    swivel wall mount with adhesive Add $2.75

    I can build McE2S PCBs and can create them in custom configurations for you with the purchase of a complete Aleph light, or head. You can order as many as you like. One will be included with the purchase of a complete light. Additional resistored switch PCBs can be purchased for $3.50 each.

    I have other stuff too, but am too lazy to list it. Let me know what you're after.

    The above prices DO NOT include shipping. I usually ship via USPS Priority Mail for $5. Everything can (will!) be worked out via email before money is exchanged, so there are no surprises. I'm willing to figure out the best shipping method for local, overseas, whatever.

    Orders and Payment
    My preferred method of paymen BY FAR is a fund-transfer via Paypal to: If you must pay with a credit card, we can make those arrangements too. Please do not pay until you have contacted me via email to discuss the build:

    *** BE SURE to use the note section in the PayPal to include your CPF handle and a (detailed!) description of what you are paying for. Also, please verify that your PayPal shipping address is correct!

    I don't like PM, so please use email for discussions!
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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \"Yellow Pages\"


    I mod Arc LS flashlights.

    The current mod that I do to Arc LS flashlights includes all of the following-

    Disassembly of the light
    Removal of old emitter
    Removal of old lens
    Removal of old optics
    Installation of new Luxeon III emitter
    Installation of new UCL lens
    Installation of new reflector
    Bump current to the LED (500mA if wanted)
    Reassembly of the light

    The total cost for the complete mod including all parts &amp; labor is $75.00 There is also a small return shipping cost of $2.55. This mod turns any Arc LS from a good light into a great light. You wont believe the difference this mod makes! The beam is white &amp; bright. The throw is greatly improved with very good (and useable) side spill.

    Please PM me if you are interested in having the mods done.

    Thank you,


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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \"Yellow Pages\"

    I will mod any light to a Luxeon light as long as there is physically enough space to hold the electronic and a Luxeon emitter.

    My specialty is to custom-build tiny converters to fit tight spaces.

    The smallest Luxeon-based light engine I built is the AAAA's new hat Luxeon transplant. So far I have only performed two transplants and have 50% success rate. It is not officially offered to the general public. If you really, really want one, please contact me.

    My most popular request is the Arc AAA mod with maximum brightness option.

    You can see my previous mod projects in the Modified Flashlights Reference Database

    The cost of my modding service depends on the degree of difficulty involved, whether the customer can provide the LS, the shipping method, and the payment method. Please PM or email me for any modding project.

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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \

    My current project:

    NEOCA Wood 123


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    Wink2 CPF Modder's "Yellow Pages"

    Nelson Engineering

    Due to various circumstances in my life, NE will not be operational for a while. Here's what I've been thinking about, though:
    • High end lanyard systems with machined aluminum cord locks

    • a pocket clip that's under wraps until I get a patent, but I believe it'll revolutionize the way lights and knives can be carried.

    • battery cases and holders

    • glow in the dark and other colored switch covers for Maglites

    • and other stuff which has yet to be dreamed up! (if you have any ideas, questions or thoughts, please PM me with them and I'll see what I can do.)
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    Default Re: CPF Modder\'s \

    Hi guys,

    Most of the time Iím doing McLux, Aleph and Mag mods but you probably know me from the latter.

    Take a look here to learn more about my mods.

    PM me if you have any questions or want to order something.
    Be aware that I'm travelling between Nov7 - Dec5 (2005) and will have no access to the internet.
    Thanks for looking.
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    Default Re: CPF Modder's

    Hi, Guys,

    I've moved abroad and can't offer any of these services any more. I can still advise you on how to do some of this stuff but I can't take any more requests. The only thing I will continue to run is:

    Free modding: Click here for thread with current offerings from myself and other people.

    Thanks for your understanding,


    PS. I'll leave the initial post for reference:
    Hello everyone,

    I've decided I can offer the following parts & services:
    • Anodizing removal: I can strip the anodizing from your flashlights or flashlight parts. I will do this free of charge, you can donate to the CPF Relief fund, or we can agree on a fee - whichever is most convenient for you.
    • Aluminum reflector polishing: I do this in ArcAAA, ArcAA, and Infinity lights. I prefer to work with empty heads.
    • Free modding: Click here for thread with current offerings from myself and other people.

    Please PM me if you are interested in any of these or if you think I can help you anything else.
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    Default Re: CPF Modder's "Yellow Pages"

    powder coating service available

    candy apple red cutdown for 1AA battery. bored out head to fit a 20mm reflector

    sandblasted minimag with clear top powdercoat

    white minimag

    other candy powder coat colors available

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    Default Re: CPF Modder's "Yellow Pages"

    Hi Photon Fiends,

    After an extended break, I am back to modding. I now have a metal lathe that I can use for making small parts, and doing minor modifications.

    Production LED Flashlight MODS:
    I will upgrade your production flashlight** with a modern LED for $50. (If you supply your own LED and proper MCPCB, deduct $10.) This includes return First Class shipping (within the Continental U.S.). Delivery Confirmation is included when using PayPal.
    *This does not include SureFire lights. I do not offer SureFire mod services at this time.
    *Titanium lights are not included in the Production LED Flashlight Mods Pricing. Please see Custom LED Flashlight Mods below

    Custom LED Flashlight MODS:
    I will upgrade your McGizmo PD, Mirage Man, Tranquility Base, or other custom flashlight with a CREE XM-L, CREE XP-G or Nichia 119/219 LED for $80. (If you supply your own LED and proper MCPCB, deduct $10.) This includes return First Class shipping (within the Continental U.S.). Delivery Confirmation is included when using PayPal. A current boost is offered on the McGizmo PD series lights for $5, when upgrading the LED.

    *I can also upgrade the McGizmo LS20/27, or Spy005/007 with a CREE XM-L, CREE XP-G or Nichia 219 LED for $100. Additional modifications are possible with both the LunaSol 20 and 27.

    Light Engines:
    I can build custom light engines to your specifications, using nearly any LED or driver board that you are interested in (assuming that the driver board can fit into the light engine can). Example: Aleph light engine with GD1000 and U2 XM-L LED $99. Aleph light engine with GDuP 3-level driver, 20mA, 180mA, 1200mA (stock levels) and U2 XM-L LED $139. Aleph light engine with custom programmed GDuP 3-level driver (you specify current of all 3 levels) and U2 XM-L LED $149. Aleph light engine with AMC7135 1400mA and U2 XM-L LED $99. Mule light engines are my specialty!

    Odd MODS:
    There are a few lights that I enjoy modding simply because they are so much fun to work on. If you own a Pentagon Light Molle, or Princeton Tec EOS, I will upgrade your light with a CREE or Nichia LED for $35. (The Molle will also get a mineral glass lens to replace the plastic lens at no additional charge.) This includes return First Class shipping (within the Continental U.S.). Delivery Confirmation is included when using PayPal.

    Please note: Heavy lights (13 ounces, or more) will be subject to an additional shipping upcharge for Priority Mail service. Priority Mail service, insurance, International Mail service, or other shipping options are available for any flashlight at an additional cost. Mailings other than Domestic First Class and Priority Mail service will be done on Saturday only. Thank you for your understanding.

    If you have some other interesting light that you would like modded, just ask! I can also install driver boards, reflectors, glass lenses and improve heatsinking. Vintage Ray-O-Vacs, Boy Scout anglehead lights, weird e-Bay finds, or your grandfathers no-name flashlight are all able to be modded if they are in suitable condition.

    If interested in any of the above mentioned services, please contact me by PM, or e-mail at datilderek (AT) gmail (DOT) com. Please be sure to include your CPF user name when contacting me by e-mail.

    Thanks for looking.


    Spy 007 with Nichia 219

    McLux PDIII Mule (with custom heatsink that I turned on my lathe) and PDIII reflectored light. Both were modified with a Nichia 219 LED.

    Close-up of the Mule heatsink and Nichia 219 LED.

    XM-L in S27 Cx2, XM-L in LunaSol 27, XP-G in LunaSol 20.

    Light engine builds.

    If interested in any of the above mentioned services, please contact me by PM, or e-mail at datilderek(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Please be sure to include your CPF user name when contacting me by e-mail.

    Thanks for looking.

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    I am currently accepting limited mod requests. Please send me a PM!

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    Default Re: CPF Modder's "Yellow Pages"

    I am happy to make custom parts for any light if it is within my capabilities.
    I will NOT modify lights - I would hate to spoil a prized possession. I prefer to make a new part, or whole light, instead.
    Please PM me if you think I can help.

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    Default Re: CPF Modder's

    I am a newbie..and as such I simply supply the parts you may need for basic beginner light building using SF Lego parts.

    I have the bodies and extensions that will allow you to use many of the Custom mods sold here in CPF and CPFM.

    You buy the parts you need from me and build it yourself.

    I am simply making the Famous FiveMega products that you need and want so badly available.

    Coming up though I shall soon be selling Other FiveMega products, not just bodies and Extensions...But partial and complete FM lights! Stay Tuned. I have gotten many requests for an AA sized body or light be built using SF C heads, and these will soon be available.

    I also have a few parts you may need to finish off your light such as holsters, heads and tails, etc.

    Extensions are here, bodies in my sig.
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    My Father, WonderLite, sells FM1794 bulbs, FiveMega 18mm Bodies, and AW cells on CPFM.

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    Default Re: CPF Modder's

    I can do LED swaps on several popular lights, and I'd always like to try more.

    My speciality is replacing cool emitters with warm emitters.

    I offer Neutral LED Mods here

    Cree Mod: $36 shipped to USA
    SSC Mod: $40 shipped to USA
    GDP Mod: Price to be determined

    Contact me via PM if you are interested in a led swap.
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    Due to my current schedule being pretty darn hectic, I will not be accepting new modding projects until things settle down.

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    Default Re: CPF Modder's "Yellow Pages"

    Cheap Aspheric Lenses ->

    I have a few big projects on the go so I'm ordering parts in bulk. I hope to be able to sell my spares at near-cost to the CPF community. Things I hope to be able to sell in the future:
    Aspheric Lenses
    Buck-Boost driver 2.7-5.5Vin Constant 1A out
    IP67 2-wire, 5A connectors
    Maker of Aspheric Lenses and Headlamps.

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    Default Re: CPF Modder's "Yellow Pages"

    No longer doing mods.


    I"ve been doing mods since I joined this forum over 6 years ago,
    now I need to put my hobby to work to pay some bills.

    Services available:

    For the Energizer 1xAA (the Target light)
    1. Switch mod to cure the "hair trigger" action
    of the stock switch.

    2. LED upgrades from the original Cree XR-C to a Cree
    XR-E with a higher bin. I currently have no LED's in stock,
    so either you can provide one, or I may be able to order one
    for you.

    3. LED upgrades from the original Cree XR-C to a Cree
    MC-E. I currently have no LED's in stock, so either you
    can provide one, or I may be able to order one for you.

    For the C and D cell Maglite.

    Seoul P7 mods. 2C with 1 x 18650 battery, 3C on 3 x C NiHm,
    2D on 3 x C NiHm, 3D 3 x D NiHm.

    D2Flex driver board installation and Mag momentary switch
    mods also available.


    kz1000s1 AT hotmail DOT com
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    Dave An old signature photo left from my more active days here.

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    Default Re: CPF Modder's "Yellow Pages"

    My actual profession as a deep sea merchant seafarer prevents me from being available as much as I'd like...I'm not on land for about half the year.

    But when I'm around, I do very clean, simple, effective and reliable MC-E mods to Surefire L4s, L2s and other E-series lights. I aim to make my mods as the manufacturer would have had they the tech at the time it came out.

    Also, I'm all for expanding my repertoire, so dare to challenge me and my new mill.

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    Default Re: CPF Modder's "Yellow Pages"

    Hey all,

    Just curious who is still up to building Aleph light engines? Some of the old timers aren't around so much or aren't accepting work at this time. I would like to discuss a LE/reflector combo and have Mirage Man build a Ti head for it.

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    Default Re: CPF Modder's "Yellow Pages"

    Member datiLED makes beautiful Aleph LEs.

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    Default Re: CPF Modder's "Yellow Pages"

    Quote Originally Posted by donn_ View Post
    Member datiLED makes beautiful Aleph LEs.
    I know, I have had several respected machinists recommend him but his sig line says he's not taking requests right now.. suppose I can just wait, unless someone else pops up.

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