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Thread: Please clarify what the new aleph bodies fit

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    Default Please clarify what the new aleph bodies fit


    Would you please clarify what the new aleph bodies fit. I've been fielding PM concerning what the new bodies/tailcaps fit. Since I posted the shoppe has 1x, 1.5x, 2X bodies, tailcap and McE2e switches in stock.

    I'm getting ready to order the pieces to make up a 1.5x body , tailcap and mcE2e switch. Is it better to order the turnkey switch from you? Can we get a body from you at the same time?


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    Default Re: Please clarify what the new aleph bodies fit

    Hello CY,

    I am hoping that this new forum will allow for clarification of your questions as well as others! :O

    The shoppe should ideally be considered the source for the various components and it exists to provide all the stuff modders and DIY'ers would like to get for their projects and builds. I don't know if Wayne will eventually be supplying a complete "turn key" switch or not. You can certainly get the components for building one for yourself there.

    I don't want to sell loose parts in addition to Wayne and Cindy's efforts. However, if I am doing a build for you such as a two stage switch and you want to add a battery tube to the package, that's fine by me. I will use the same prices on components like tubes, added to something I provide, that Wayne has on his shoppe.

    In terms of fit on these tubes, by design and intent, they should be interchangeable with any of the E series heads and tail caps.

    Some have privately asked if a Kroll wil fit these tubes and the answer is no. These tubes are modeled after the SF E series tails so the SF tail caps should fit as well as the McE2S guarded tail cap.

    As time permits and when I get the images of production parts, I hope to make it clear and accessible to all, regardless of prior knowledge and familiarity with these parts, just what this system is about.

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