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Thread: Two new LED flashlights

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    Default Two new LED flashlights

    Also from Shoplifestyle.com...

    Aluminum and Titanium, 3 LEDs.
    Runs on "4 lithium batteries" but it is not stated what kind they are. The barrel seems to preclude coin cells; might be those impossible to find CR2s, or might be a misprint and it uses AA or AAAs.


    And here's a small coin cell light with a clip-on thingie. Comes with a retracting reel like a Kee-Back. Also uses Japanese-made (Nichia) LED.

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    Default Re: Two new LED flashlights

    Whoever writes Lifestyle's ad copy doesn't let details or facts get in the way. I knew I was likely to be disappointed but on the outside chance that the light actually met the claims, I bought a Titanium light:
    Altec 7 LED liight

    Claim 1: The titanium housing with anodized finish is waterproof.

    If this housing isn't aluminum with "Ti" anodize color, I'll eat the thing. The housing may be waterproof but with a broken O-ring behind a cheesey plastic lens, The flashlight itself sure as hell isn't!

    Claim 2: ...it works on a single AA..

    Wow, single AA and discussion of a circuit board.... I'm thinking some kind of regulation here; cool!

    Ha! the light has a carrier for 3 AA's

    The design of this light is kind of nice and I do like the switch. This light gives me an idea of what can be expected of the SureFire A2. The highly polished reflector on this unit has recessed bosses for 6 LED's but the LED heads stick out into the parabolic surface of the reflector. The not so hot beam pattern of the Krypton bulb is obviously further ill effected by the LED's pressence. This is another issue I hope SureFire takes a good look atwith their A2 but that's another story with little feedback at present.....

    - Don

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    Default Re: Two new LED flashlights

    Oops. Hey, but it IS a flashlight, right?

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    Default Re: Two new LED flashlights

    If you read the add, no where does it actually refer to it as a "flashlight". TX

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