I posted this over at Silviron`s Darksbane Light Forum but it`s being largely bypassed so I thought I`d post it here too.....

I recently obtained one of those there little portable telephones and when I turned the thing on, I was surprised at the colour of the back-lighting. Instead of that cold chemical yellowgreen that most of them have, it illuminated with all I can describe as "Incandescent White". Almost the exact same colour as miniature incandescent lights that older LCD watches use, but brighter. But they can`t possibly be using bulbs in there can they? Nope. Little teensy tiny SMD LEDs, but such an odd colour, the likes of which I have never before seen in a diode...

Just a slight "coldness" to the colour, probably slightly lacking in the red portion of the spectrum, but otherwise a whitish orangey yellowy sort of tint, as near to a slightly underdriven miniature incandescent bulb as you can get. I have no spectroscopic equipment here unfortunately, so can`t say for sure what makes up its emmission pattern.

Anyone else ever seen these? Know what technology is in there? Could it be a blue LED with orange (or yellow with an orange dye in the epoxy) phosphor like a white LED, or could it be a pure non-phosphor die substrate of some kind, just maybe encapsulated in an orange shell to warm up the colour? The colour is uniform, no off-colour tints round the edges.

Interesting nonetheless. I think I`ll keep it this way, it`s unusual (for now, but I expect more and more will be made with other colour lights too). I was going to try and install blue and white ones in there but that was before I found out the lights were not the usual yellowgreens.

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