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    Here is a link to a 532nm gun sight that looks interesting:

    My question is, do most lower power laser devices like these use a similar module to the one found in my leadlight? I'd like to order the body and all from the manufacturer, and then install my higher power module, but I'd like to be fairly sure it's possible first.

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    "Powered by one CR123A battery that provides 4 hours continuous use." .... humm.... cooling must be pretty efficient, or pump diode less powerfull than 5mW pointers

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    Dont forget:

    "Tracers work both ways." As neat as it would be to strap a 100mW 532nM laser on a rifle it would serve about as much good a being on a covert mission covered in bubble wrap with a neon sign above your head that says "shoot me."

    I dont know how that thing could survive repeated recoil from a pistol or heavy rifle. We all know how delicate the crystal alignment is on these things.

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