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Thread: need cheap greenie beam with low budget

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    Default need cheap greenie beam with low budget

    Hmm, does anyone know where I can get a moderately powerful ~50mW greenie for around ~$100() or so? The wicked ultra/extreme which are supposely the cheapest high powered lasers are still kinda expensive, even with the ~30% discount. Or better yet, is it possible to modify a wicked professional (15mW) by turning the pot and maybe making it around 40mW or so [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] ? My current ~10mWish maxed out pot modded laser can barely produce a visible beam at night [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/jpshakehead.gif[/img]

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    Hi userx,
    Trying to find a 50mw pointer for $100 will be about as easy as finding someone to sell you a $50 bill for $25 dollars...seriously. especially considering the FDA is about to drop axe and those pointers will no longer be getting through customs, thus driving up the value of those pointers already in the country. There is NO way your going to get more than 15mw out of a 15mw wickedlaser; if it were possible to get more out of that particular unit, then they would have and it would be selling at a higher power level. Your best bet is to find a relatively unknown site that sells the 5mw leadlights for ~$60 and take your chances that you can get more out of it. Don't buy one from wicked or any of the other more well known places as you can bet they have been tinkered with to see if they can output more and those ones have been modded and sold as such. Basically you need to find a place that doesn't known about or how to mod them, that way you have a chance by getting a "virgin" laser pointer.


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    Default Re: need cheap greenie beam with low budget

    I'd say you ***might*** in theory get a little more power by driving up the current to 500-550ma using a resistor mod, considering that it should be around 300ma at the moment.

    I say best bet would be to lucky dip vital spirit and get 2 pointers, and mod them both. They don't weed out all the ones with the best crystal sets.

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