[img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] Ok, so it's like this. someone get's tired of their little modified
pointer draining energizer e2 AAA batts in 5 minutes so they get a
brass tube .5" od and 1/64" wall thickness and gold plated it after
threading one end and capping the other entire piece is 1.45" long.
looks good. now the pointer has a longer buttcap and uses 3 2/3rd's
AAA NiMh batteries in one sleeve and they fit in the housing
now.....great little mod and a steady drain from 3.8v down to 3v over
the course of 45 minutes accumulated use. So, they get tired of that
and say hey, if I really want a mod, why pull the guts out of a
perfectly good chrome housing....using a tube cutter they cut the
pointer body behind the push button about .33" so that about 1/4" of
the -polarity lead spring sticks out. They then stick a (1/8"hole)
drilled plastic rod in over the spring and inside the pointer housing
such that about 1/16" of it hangs out the back leaving about 3/16" of
the lead spring hanging out and enough plastic to prevent any battery
contact with the housing. NOW it gets fun. They find by dumb luck
that a silver daisy 4x scope is an excellent housing for this mod!
Ok, get this string of hypothetical coincidences....the id. of the
scope will fit the cr123a lithium photo batteries perfectly....and
they find the tolerances acceptable to screw a push button switch off
a cheap daisy laser sight on the end without outer threads of the
scope...after carefully removing the lens and retainer ring at that
end. In hypothetical hindsight perhaps a little heating of the end
ring will get if off easier. Now remove the larger eyepiece end by
laboriously unscrewing it all the way and also making note of the
small set screw at the bottom of the outer threads that holds the
internal optics....(I am giving far too much away here, and should let
some of you pound away and damage something like the hypothetical dude
in my brain fart daydream did first) Ok, now the internal optics will
come out once the set screws holding the windage and elevation screw
assembly in place are removed. the internal optics can now be slid
out and saved for our next step. take off the metal holder ring over
the internal telescopic piece....it will have to be filed with a
chainsaw file perhaps or a dremel carefully to smooth it out flat with
remainder of it's smooth interior. With some fun and careful playing
with the internal scope piece in front of your particular pointer, you
will quickly come to realize the collimating effect. now take the
wide end of the little black internal scope and make it flush
internally with the front of the outer silver scope body and re-drill
a set screw hole where it's wide point was quite near the front of the
scope where the outer focusing reticle screws on. measure where you
need to cut the internal black scope piece as three lenses are
unnecessary. mine butts up agains the front of the laser pointer
great. Now, maybe you can get some free O-ring samples hypothetically
at oringswest.com. get N70-205s nitrile O-rings to fit over the
pointer body for a nice snug fit with the inner wall of the scope.
Also, the filed holder ring fits over the pointer and if you do the
math right...will still line up with the mounting holes for the
windage and elevation screw assembly.... now use the windage or
elevation screw to gently tighten over the button aligned with the
hole to hold the button down. Make sure the remaining space behind
your pointer accomodates the cr123a battery (one AWESOME battery for
these pointers) by shortening the scope if necessary and threading
that end to accomodate (if necessary). Voila'! You now have a nifty
little, much longer lasting pointer that is quite focusable and will
cast a smaller dot to greater distances than even before. I wonder
what the t.e.m is on these green pointers........as they seem to throw
a bigger dot than the red ones I have seen..........well now that
doesn't matter so much because you can screw on the retainer ring and
sight reticle down to where ever you want to focus the laser.......you
can throw out a dot 5 times smaller than before at far field. let's
say, (hypothetically) a 1.5 foot dot at 3.7 miles....not too bad! And
for the hypothetically intrepid hard core laser nerds....go over to
edmunds optics and get lenses to widen that internal beam more and
throw out a beam as wide as the sight retical for the 3/4 inch thick
lightsaber beam effect. This is where you can really see the focusing
effects! All of this for under 25 bucks. Also, the new brinkmann
surefire copy flashlight at walmart is a 20 spot and worth it! these
surefire flashlight copies are excellent for modifying as are the
surefires themselves (althought pricey the surefire can be quickly
turned back into a flashlight with no permanent mod). These brinkmann
legend LX silver and black flashlights are aesthetically pleasing mods
for high power pointers and closely match the leadlight chrome pointer
protruding from the front (if you desire to keep the pointer body
intact)....you can even leave the pointer whole and run a lead from
the internal spring to the back and use the O-rings to hold the
pointer snug in the barrel and slide back to touch one cr123A battery
at the back....it has a stiff switch that can be clicked down or
pressed halfway. Momentary or continuous lasing in style! of course
the bulb assembly must be removed, semi permanently modifying the
flashlight. Just a couple fun ideas......hypothetically speaking.

Don't try this yourselves, this was a "what if" exercise and no
intention is made for other's to try it....it probably won't work
anyway....forget I mentioned it..... I cannot be liable for any crazy
fool that wants to ruin their day actually trying this stupid idea.


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