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Thread: Need Hi-Current Batt.INfo.

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    Default Need Hi-Current Batt.INfo.

    I have been mulling over the prospect of ordering the most flexible battery case option for the upcoing Arc.LS.
    Which 3V.AA size battery would put out optimum current to drive that light?
    I have the 3V. TI-2100, and it does NOT put out much juice past 10-20mA. or so.-I think this cell is designed primarily for clock/memory chip function only.??
    I think there IS a high current cell 3V. AA cell that is more suitable, -but which one?
    Thanks for any help [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Need Hi-Current Batt.INfo.

    There is a 3.6 volt lithium thionyl chloride cell that is AA size. It is expensive, however, and has hazardous contents if it is smashed.
    C.Crane had them as a replacement for their LED emergency light previously. The cell was a "Hawker Eternacell". They sold them for $10 each.
    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: Need Hi-Current Batt.INfo.

    I think the cheapest way is to use 2 AA cells or a single lithium 123. 2 AA would give you 2800mA and the 123 is 1300mA. So it really is a matter of size and $. A CR2 is shorter then the 123 but it is only 750mA. The 123 and CR2 are both 3v.

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    Hi guys!

    Be careful with these Lithium Thionylchoride Batteries (TCL batts.), they can deliver NOT MUCH current, many only 10 to 20 mA. Overloading may do no good (grin...). If you want Lithium cells, use either Li-FeS2 or LiMnO2 cells (just good old Li AAs or 123As), they can deliver high currents.


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