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Thread: Opinions on SureFire 8AX?

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    Default Opinions on SureFire 8AX?

    A while ago I thought I chose the Pila GL3R for my next light, but I dont know if I should decide so quickly. I looked into SureFire, and I wondered how much throw the 8AX had. Does anyone who owns one know if it throws as much as say, a 6P?

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    Default Re: Opinions on SureFire 8AX?

    I have the 8NX. The brightness and throw is about the same as my 9P. The 8NX has a slightly larger hotspot and less side spill. The 6P with the P60 bulb is noticably dimmer than the 8. (60 lumens vs 105 lumens).
    IMHO the 8AX is not worth the extra money for the aluminum HA body unless you are planning to Turbohead it. If Surefire offered a high output lamp for it you could really utilize the pyrex lens and have adequate heat dissipation.
    If you eventually decide on the 8 series I would go with the NX.
    Also, the 8NX/AX has about the same output and throw as a Streamlight Stinger. The beam on the Surefire is much smoother though.
    If you already have a 6P another option is to buy the A19 adaptor to convert it to a 9P. You can then use two Pila 150s rechargables in it or three regular lithium 123 batteries with either the P90 or P91 bulbs. I have been using the P91 (200 lumen) bulb with the two Pila's and the output is awesome. Lots of sidespill. You could also Turbohead this setup too. I think you have many more options with the 6P to 9P setup. You can use it in the 6P or 9P format with different output bulbs and have the option of using the Pila's.
    The 8 series rechargable lights are really dedicated lights for heavy frequent daily use. They are popular with first responders who use the light all night during their shift and then charge it up again for the next day. The benefits of the light really shine in this environment mainly in the form of cost savings. If you don't plan on using it daily or every other day for 15 to 45 minutes each time look to the lights that use lithium 123's.

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    Default Re: Opinions on SureFire 8AX?

    I gave my 8NX away it sat around unused and I gave it to another CPF'er. Good hotspot good throw just not used so I gave it up.

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    Default Re: Opinions on SureFire 8AX?

    I also have "only" an 8NX.
    Beam isn´t as smooth as a P60, but not really bad.
    No LOTC, and no posibility to use a remote switch.
    And the weakest point: The B90 Battery packs suck.
    Even if you get one that works reliable and holds
    charge, the runtime is still quite short.

    Make you one or two or three [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] packs from modern
    Sub-C cells and runime is good over an hour.

    (If you get an 8NX look for one with the pyrex Bezel!)

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    Default Re: Opinions on SureFire 8AX?

    I have the 8NX - It's been my around the house grab for general illumination light, and diy light and such things.

    The batteries - I've found a pair of really good ones - I get good runtimes and the recharging is fast. The lack of LockOut isn't really an issue for my type of use but that does mean I wouldn't carry it everyday as a dutylight (I'd use one of my 9AN's).


    The 8NX can use the KT5:

    It's a great beam too!

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    Default Re: Opinions on SureFire 8AX?

    Hello Mags,

    I have an 8NX and since SureFire has worked through the battery and charger problems, it has worked out very well.

    It does a good job on its own, but with the KT5, it has impressive throw.


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    Default Re: Opinions on SureFire 8AX?

    I gave mine to my son.
    He's in the Police academy and needed a light.

    Mine had a better beam than a Stinger and better throw. I don't care for the switch.

    I carry a PILA GL4R on duty. It is brighter than a stinger or 8NX. but has a lots of flood.
    I wish it was a smaller light. I'm getting tired of huge heavy stuff on the belt.

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