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Thread: Do you guys dare?

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    Default Do you guys dare?

    Botach special. Energizer EL123 batteries,
    $1.75 each.


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    Default Re: Do you guys dare?

    Botach has a very bad reputation for poor service and failure to satisfy complaints.

    I know that have realy good prices, sometimes, but you are gambling when you place an order with them. And their shipping is very expensive.

    Yes, I've ordered form them several times with no problems, but after reading accounts of all the problems other CPF members have had, incliding one fellow who ordered Energizer 123 batteries, and got some with an expiration dte of 1996, I'll never buy from them again. I won't spend my hard earned money with a company that I know has burned other people. I'd rather pay a little more, and give my business to a company like brightguy.com, which has an oustanding customer service record. I've ordered from brightguy many times, with no surprises. And, they carge actual UPS costs for each delivery.

    If you want inexpensive lithium 123's try:

    They have Sanyo 123's at $1.59/ea, in lots of a dozen, every day.

    Botach= evil business. [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img]

    Just my opinion, of course [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    You can't beat Zreiss for battery prices but don't forget they charge $8 for shipping so the more batteries you order the more cheaper tje cost per battery. I ordered 6 doz about a mont ago and it came to $116 including shipping. And the batteries are new 2011 expiration(no month listed). All and all a good experience with Zreiss.

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