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Thread: list your lights

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    Default Re: list your lights

    So many!!!!how much money should be paid.
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    Default Re: list your lights

    Photon MicroLight I
    Photon MicroLight II x 3
    GLO-TOOB Lithium Amber

    Freeplay Plus
    Freeplay Jonta x 2
    Freeplay Jonta (SSC P4 + Eneloop 3S1P)
    Freeplay Indigo x 2
    Freeplay EyeMax WB

    Muyshondt Aeon
    Zebralight H30-Q5
    Zebralight H50-Q5
    Arc Premium GS

    Maglite 3D Black
    Maglite 3D Type III (FM Quadbore + Diamond Knurling)
    Maglite 4D Type III (FM Quadbore + Diamond Knurling)

    Pelican Super SabreLight x 2
    Pelican Big Ed Rechargeable (ROP + AW C 2S2P)

    SureFire 6PD-BK (JH 18mm Bored)
    SureFire G2L-YL x 4
    SureFire M2-Package (JH 18mm Bored)
    SureFire M3T-00 (JH 18mm Bored)
    SureFire M4-HA (JH 18mm Bored)
    SureFire M6-CB x 2

    FM 3x18500 EO-13
    FM Elephant II 64623/64655

    Mac Mini-HID
    Polarion PH50
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    Default Re: list your lights

    18650 (yes, I love 18650 lights !!):
    Convoy S2+ in various colors, BLF A6, Eagle Eye X2R (USB rechargeable), Astrolux S1, S2
    Dereelight DBS V3 w/SST-50 WJ by Nailbender in Dereelight LOP MC-E reflector (1x18650) -> Assembled by joshconsulting !
    Shiningbeam / MG L-Mini II (MC-E M-WC, 1x 18650) -> my favorite light !!
    Trustfire P7-F1 (SSC-P7, 1x18650, direct charge)
    UniqueFire M2 (Cheap but nice P60 Host, 1x18650, used with CustomLites 40 degree w-white modules)
    Yezl Z1 (1x18650, XP-G, nice & solid light)
    Wolf Eyes M90 Rattlesnake 9V + 13V extender (2x/3x AW's 18650, Lumens Factory HO/EO bulbs)
    Wolf Eyes Guider (D26 ?, 1x 18650, direct charge !)

    AA (yes, I love 1xAA lights !!)
    Nitecore AA sens AA (XP-G R5), Jetbeam Jet-1
    LiteFlux LF5 (R2, 1xAA)
    Fenix L1D (1xAA)
    Xeno EO3 V2 (1xAA, XP-G)
    MiniMag with TerraLux LED dropin
    MacTronic CAMP PRO MINI LT-185AA aka Favourlight LTC20E4AA (4xAA XP-E Latern - great !)
    Yezl A1 (1xAA, but no fun with NiMH, ok with 14500)
    LiteXpress Choice 103 (2xAA)
    AmperLite 2AA

    Astrolux A01
    LiteFlux LF2x (Cree 7090 Q5, 1xAAA, but used with AW's 10440)
    Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi CA1 LED (XP-G R5 LED, 1xAAA)
    4sevens Preon 1 (1x AAA, XP-G, blue !)
    Nitecore T0 (Nichia, 12lm)
    Fenix E0 (1xAAA)
    LiteXpress Choice 108 (=106) (AAA)

    Astrolux M01, DQG hobi plus, Cooyoo Quantum TiB
    LiteXpress Liberty 105 (2x CR2032)
    Mag 4D
    Coleman 8D Twin LED Lantern High Performance (actually quad-LED ) - moded with 12V SLA.

    Wolf-Eyes Li-Ion
    Orbit Pocketlader ( )

    NiteIze Headband

    GlobalSolar SunlinQ 12W ( )
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    Default Re: list your lights

    See below:
    SureFire: M6 x2, M4 x2, M3 x2, 12P(9P+extender+Digilight 12V LA), 12P(Cabela's 12V 240 lumen turbo head+Leef 4 battery body+SFtailcap), Z3, 9P, G3, 6P, G2, L4, E2e, E2C LED x2, E2 w/TLS head, E1 /ARC: LSH-P, ARC AAA /Fenix: P3D, P2D, L1D, L1T, LOD, EO1

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Smallish list
    (not everything)

    ACR MS-2000 strobe light
    Betalight (small)
    Fenix L2D (Q5)
    Inova Microlight (blue)
    Krill lamp (360deg green)
    LED Lenser V2 Professional
    Lighthound keychain lights (x several)
    Nite Ize Droplit (Red)
    Petzl Myo XP headlamp
    Surefire 6P
    Surefire 6PL
    Surefire E1L
    Surefire E1L (Cree - single level)
    Surefire HL1-A-TN (old style)
    Surefire HL1-A-TN (switch guard)
    Surefire HL1-A-TN (switch guard + disable switch)
    (there'd be more of the above if I could find somewhere in the UK that sells em)
    Surefire Z3

    Surefire accessories: (not including contents of above)
    A14 1 cell extender (x2)
    A19 1.5 cell extender (x3)
    B65 batteries (x5)
    CN200 chargers (x2)
    F05 1" red filter
    FM34 1.25" clamp on tip-off diffuser
    KL3 (white - old finned style)
    KL3 (red - new style)
    KT1 Turbohead
    Lamps (N1 x2 P91 MN20 x2 MN60 x2 P60L x 3)
    SC1 spares carrier (x3)
    SC2 spares carrier (x2)
    V20 Holster
    Z33 lanyard assembly (x2)
    Z49 tailcap
    Z71 MOLLE clip (x2)

    Leef 2x 18650 C head C tail body (x3)
    Terralux Ministar 2 Luxeon (red) for mini-maglight
    UNIQ Cree Q5 P60 style dropin
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    Default Re: list your lights

    List of my current CPF-ism lights by order of being obtained

    1. Minimaglite 1xAA black with Luxeon Star Terralux LED upgrade
    2. Fenix E0
    3. Fenix L1D CE
    4. Liteflux LF2 Cree XR-E
    5. Nitecore D10 Smart PD

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    Default Re: list your lights

    O.K., here goes (I know, puny):
    Fenix E01, P2D Q5, P3D Q5; JetBeam Jet 1 MK I.B.S, Jet II I.B.S.; LightFlux LF5XT; NiteCore D10, EX10; Mini-Maglight 2AA with 3W TerraLUX drop-in and TerraLUX UV drop-in and NiteIze IQ Switch; NN 2AA 3W (bought at Clas Ohlson-my first LED Light!); Olight T10 (x2), T20 3W. Probably more in the future.
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    Default Re: list your lights

    AA Maglites x3(1 with red lens)
    2AAA maglites x 2(1 led)
    Led lenser V2
    Led lenser Police
    Led lenser penlight.
    Streamlight AAAtasklight
    Streamlight Nano x2
    Streamlight Stylus x2
    streamlight Stylus reach.
    streamlight keymate.
    Photon freedon 1
    Fenix T1
    Nitecore defender infintiy (on order, cant wait)

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    Default Re: list your lights

    AA Mag's
    AAA Minimag Led
    AA Minimag Led
    2c ROP
    Maglite 3D Led
    Surefire 6PD
    Surefire 6P
    Surefire Satin E2E
    Surefire L2
    Surefire KL3 conversion head
    G&P T6G
    Inova X1
    Rexlight 2.0
    Streamlight PolyStinger

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    Default Re: list your lights

    My small, but slowly growing collection of "good" lights.(In order of being obtained)

    Surefire G2
    Dexlight X.1
    MilkySpit Modded nuwai Q3
    Luxeon side emitter modded spotlight
    Nitecore Smart PD D10
    Register your Smart PD(D10, D20, EX10) at the official registry
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    Default Re: list your lights

    EastwardYJ XA-Q5 (with added thermal paste).
    About 50 or so fauxtons in the generic 22000 white LED, 4 Nichia GS versions, 3 UV versions, one custom 22000 red version.
    2 MiniMags - one midnight blue, one black. One modded for white LED (and disappointingly bright, but I'm working on it).
    One home-built 100W halogen light. Doesn't look good, but is very bright. And capable of setting something on fire. Needs a better reflector.

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    Default Re: list your lights

    I got an email notification that someone had replied to this thread saying they owned a big collection of those stupid "Police" lights. Then the post is gone when I check

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Ra Clicky (on order)
    Ra Twisty
    McLux III PD-S
    HDS EDC U60 XRGT (Seoulmodded)
    Novatac 85P
    Liteflux LF5
    Nitecore D10
    Nitecore EX10
    Fenix L1T with CR123 body
    Fenix E01 x3
    Fenix E0
    Inova X1
    River Rock 2AAA
    Dorcy 3AAA Luxeon
    Gerber Infinity Ultra
    Rayovac Sportsman Extreme Headlight
    Princeton Tec EOS
    Minimag AA x2 with Luxeon drop-ins
    Minimag AAA with LED dropin
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    Default Re: list your lights

    as per my signature line

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Maglights (modded to 4C batteries and XPR103 zenon lamp) - 2
    Maglight with LED drop-in
    Maglight AA LED
    Dorcy super 1 watt - 2
    Coast LED lenser
    Gerber Infinity
    Fenix LOD-CE
    Fenix P1 - 2
    Fenix L2D
    Fenix L1D-Q5
    Fenix T1
    Millermod Arc AAA
    Peak Pacific brass - 3 volt head
    Peak Pacific brass - 5 volt head
    NiteCore EX10
    NiteCore D10
    HDS B42XR
    Surefire A2
    Surefire E2E
    Surefire G2
    Surefire G2Z w/Malkoff M60LF
    Surefire 6P w/Malkoff M60F
    Surefire E1B
    Surefire E2DL
    Streamlight stylus
    Streamlight Scorpion
    Pierce M10
    Tiablo A9
    Rayovac sportsman extreme headlamp - 2
    Princeton tec headlamp
    Zebralight H50 headlamp
    Ra Twisty 100TW
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    Default Re: list your lights

    McLuxIII PD-S HA Nat. SSC P4
    McLuxIII Mule Ti-PD. Cree P4
    Surefire E1L Lux
    Surefire M6 Guardian WA01185
    Inova X1 Gen2
    Photon Freedom

    Thats about it.
    SF E1L McGizmo HA PD-S Ti Mule-PD BB Haiku-XP-G Inova X1
    CRK 21L Umnumzaan Strider SmF ZT0560BK SPY PM2 BM 556 551-1302 ​LSTEEL HEAT HEFT4

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    Default Re: list your lights

    OK this is all I can come up with right now, I know I am forgetting some that may be around the house or in the garage but here goes, I also added a little comment on a few.

    Arc LS first Run
    Arc 4+
    Peak 1xCR123 7LED
    eternaLight basic
    eternaLight Marine (Energizer Lithium cells)
    eternaLight EliteMax
    eternaLight Rave'n / very cool for the multi light effects but not a good flashlight
    Fenix L1P / (was my first really nice AA EDC) retired
    Fenix P2D-CE / (very nice light, great size, Turbo mode)
    Fenix T1 Tactical / (great light, alittle large but built like a tank)
    Longow Micra / Clicky
    Surefire E1e / also with KL1 head
    Surefire L4 / (can light up an entire room)
    Surefire EB / (love the throw on this light, spot is perfect)
    Surefire G2 LED
    Surefire G2
    Jetbeam 1 MKII ( I still EDC this one all the time)
    Jetbeam II IBS (great throw for running outside in a hurry)
    Novatech 120e (EDC all the time )
    Nitecore D10 (newest for now and very nice UI, added as my 3rd \ 4th EDC)
    Coast 4 Color LED flashlight
    Coast LL7560 /V8 Turbo Torch/ Keychain
    Coast LL7734/ V10 P-Chip Stainless
    Coast LL7736D/ V˛ 6 Chip Dual Color
    Coast LL7736CA/ Black Tactical P-Chip
    Dorcy 1AA 3 LED flashlights/ at least 5 (great to leave all over the house)
    Dorcy 1 AAA Led Flashlight
    Dorcy 2 AA 4 LED
    Dorcy Spyder
    Dorcy Super 1 Watt
    Dorcy Super 3 Watt
    Dorcy Metal Gear 1 Watt Luxeon
    Gerber Infinity Ultra / 2 (red, white)
    Gerber Infinity Green
    Gerber Omnivore Multi- Battery LED (very cool idea) not much light
    Inova Microlight / Red
    Inova Radiant AA
    Inova Radiant 2 AAA
    Inova X5
    Inova 24/7 / (neat light, lots of modes and 3 color, great clip on the back)
    Inova X1 / at least 5 / TIROS Optic version / (still EDC one at work)
    Inova X1 / 2 of the New version with a reflector
    Inova X1 / 2 watt version
    NightCutter P20 Strategist / (great spot, throws pretty far. No spill at all)
    Nuwai X-1
    Nuwai X-3
    PALight Survival / 5 or 6 / green,red,white / (always have one at the bed side)
    Peak LED Solutions McKinley
    Mag Lite (3-D)
    Mag Lite (2-D)
    Mag Solitaire Flashlight
    Mini Mag (2-AA)
    Brinkmann 1 Watt LED 3AAA / 2 (both have a different tint to LED)
    Brinkmann Legend LX
    Brinkmann Maxfire LX
    River Rock 1.5 Watt 2AA
    River Rock 0.5 Watt 1AA
    Photon Proton Pro / (I really like this little light the UI is great and it has red led too)
    Streamlight BatonLite / (all around bad light,uses N cells)
    Streamlight 2 AA flashlight
    Streamlight twin task / 123a cell
    Streamlight SUPER TAC / (This thing can really throw a beam,,,,)
    Streamlight Sidewinder / (cool all around for car or emergency)
    Nuwai Quantum III
    Coleman 3AAA Multi-Color LED Flashlight
    Coleman Cree XLamp XR-E LED Multi-Color
    Coleman Exponent 1 CR123A / nice light with multi modes and red LEDs too
    Energizer hard case / AA, D , and other models all LED
    Energizer - DoubleBarrel 4-AAA (still a cool light)
    Energizer - DoubleBarrel 6-AA
    Energizer Folding LED
    Energizer 4AA led/flourecent
    Craftsman Endurable LED / 4AA and 3AAA
    Brunton Lamplight Extendible LED Flashlight

    Dealextreame Lights
    (I need to say that all of these lights work great given the low cost of each)
    Aurora Mini Cree 5-Mode
    Romisen RC-V4 Cree LED
    Super Thrower Far Projection 3W Cree
    Mini 3W Cree 1xCR123A Flashlight
    Ultrafire FMR1 Rebel
    Ultrafire C2 3W Cree 2xCR123A
    Ultrafire Cree XR-E WF-602D
    Ultrafire 602C Q5 5-Mode
    Super-Bright Cree Q4 5-Mode

    Task Force 1 Watt Luxeon
    Task Force 3 Watt Luxeon 2xC cell / (great throw for a light of this type)
    Task Force LED flashlights/ AAA models
    Work Force LED flashlights / all AAA models
    A lot of no name 5mm Multi LED flashlights, most are 3 AAA
    A box full of older flashlights from 70s,80s and 90s that I no longer use.

    Princeton Tec headlamps / 5 or 6 different models
    Energizer headlamps / 4 or 5 different models (also the new cree one)
    River rock / 2 different ones
    Petzl Headlamps / 2
    Browning Headlamp with 2 white,2 red and 1 green LED
    Craftsman Headlamps / 2 or 3


    Meade / green
    Orion / green
    Zbolt / 5mw green
    Zbolt / BTG – 10 Green / 123A cell
    AstroNova / High spec Green
    Lucent Optics Envee 100 Green 532nm Laser
    Beamshot GreenBeam 50 Green Laser
    A lot of Dealextreame greens from 10mw to 50
    A couple of other 10mw green pens

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    Default Re: list your lights

    LOD Q4

    E1E with KL1 head


    D 3 cell
    3 AA mini's/ one moded to led

    A few junkers hanging around

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Okay, I have to say this was a very useful exercise, this listing thing
    Really gets your ducks in a row, doesn't it?

    current members in good standing

    BoGo Light SunNight SN-2

    Black Diamond Apollo lantern

    DQG II AAA XP-G R4 neutral white
    DQG IV AAA XP-G R5 7A warm white

    Energizer 3 LED (2 white, 1 red) Headlamp

    Energizer Micro Headlamp

    Eveready Industrial 2D
    Eveready Industrial 2D with 21 5mm amber Piranha LED mod

    Fenix L1T XR-E Q3-5A neutral white mod
    Fenix L2P SSC P4 mod

    Fivemega 3P + SF Z44, Z41 + DealExtreme Cree green dropin

    Glo-Tube Lithium amber

    HDS Ra 85-Tr

    Krill Light AA Extreme 180 white
    Krill Light AA Original 360 green
    Krill Light AA Original 360 red
    Krill Light AA Original 360 yellow

    Maglite AA + L-Cap
    Maglite AA + NiteIze 3-LED dropin green/dark green body
    Maglite AA + NiteIze 3-LED dropin red/red body
    Maglite AA + NiteIze 3-LED dropin blue/blue body
    Maglite AA + NiteIze 3-LED dropin white/silver body
    Maglite AA + TerraLUX MiniSTAR2
    Maglite AA + TerraLUX TLE-5EX
    Maglite 1D Fivemega nickel-plated finned head P7 DD, FM 3xAA holder
    Maglite 2D + SSC P4 mod
    Maglite 2D ROP, Fivemega 6xAA holder
    Maglite 3D + Diamond DB-3W
    Maglite 3D + Diamond DB-3W
    Maglite 4D + Seoul P4 mod

    NiteCore D10 Q5
    NiteCore EX10 XR-E Q3-5A neutral white mod

    Peak LED Solutions Eiger SS lug QTC XP-G 85-CRI
    Peak LED Solutions Kilimanjaro brass keychain 5 yellow LED
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn brass keychain 3 red LED
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn brass lug 3 white LED
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn brass pocket 3 white LED
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn HA pocket 3 red LED
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn HA pocket 3 white LED
    Peak LED Solutions Shasta brass keychain 3 blue LED 2 x N-cell

    Petzl Tikka Headlamp (2)
    Petzl Zoom Headlamp (vintage?)

    Photon Proton Pro v2

    Princeton Tec Apex Pro Headlamp SSC P4 mod
    Princeton Tec Blast
    Princeton Tec Rage

    Quark 123 sterile clipless neutral Q3-5A + tactical TC/AA2 body
    Quark AA tactical R5
    Quark AA Turbo warm
    Quark MiNi AA warm
    Quark RGB neutral

    Rayovac LED AA lanterns (2)
    Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme 1W Headlamp (2)

    Safe-Light Companion
    Safe-Light Handyman green
    Safe-Light Handyman red

    Squid Light v1
    Squid Light v2

    Streamlight Stylus silver/white
    Streamlight Propolymer Luxeon 4AA

    SureFire 6P + Malkoff M60W
    SureFire 9P + Moddoo L3N v3
    SureFire A2 + Fivemega strion socket, onion ring, round body, delrin shroud
    SureFire G2 orange + Malkoff M60WLF
    SureFire L1 green LED
    SureFire L1 red LED
    SureFire L1 Cree

    UltraFire Chrome Cree P4 CR123

    No longer with the firm

    DQG II AAA XP-G R4 neutral white - gifted

    Fenix E21 XP-E neutral white - gifted
    Fenix L0D-CE black - sold
    Fenix L0D-CE natural - gifted
    Fenix L1T v2 Cree (2) - gifted
    Fenix P1D-CE natural with bare Leef McClicky body - sold
    Fenix P3D Premium Rebel 100 - sold

    Glo-Toob FX red - sold
    Glo-Toob FX green - sold
    Glo-Toob FX blue - sold

    Krill Light AA Original 360 yellow - gifted

    Maglite AAA + SMJLED - lost
    Maglite 2D + triple P4 mod DD on two KD 3xAA holders - sold

    Malkoff M60 - sold
    Malkoff Seoul P4 Drop-In for 2/3/4 D-Cell - sold

    Maratac AAA HA natural - sold

    NiteCore D10 Q5 - gifted
    NiteCore D20 Q5 - sold
    NiteCore EX AAw - gifted
    NiteCore EZ CR2w - gifted
    NiteCore EZ CR2w - loved to death
    NiteCore EX10 GDP - sold

    McGizmo AMC EN mule P7/Flupic v2.2 - sold

    Orb RAW Cree XR-E - sold
    Orb RAW LuxIII Red-Orange "retina scorcher" - sold

    Peak LED Solutions Baltic HA pocket - sold
    Peak LED Solutions Baltic HA pocket - sold
    Peak LED Solutions Kilimanjaro brass keychain 5 red LED - sold
    Peak LED Solutions Kilimanjaro brass keychain 5 white LED - gifted
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn brass keychain 3 UV LED - sold
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn brass keychain 3 UV LED - gifted
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn brass keychain 3 white LED - gifted (3)
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn brass lug 1 white LED - gifted (2)
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn brass lug 1 white LED - sold
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn brass lug 3 white LED - gifted (2)
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn brass pocket 3 red LED - gifted (2)
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn HA keychain 3 UV LED - gifted
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn HA keychain 3 white LED - gifted (2)
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn HA keychain 3 white LED - sold
    Peak LED Solutions Matterhorn HA lug natural 3 red/orange LED - sold (2)
    Peak LED Solutions McKinley brass keychain 7 red LED - sold
    Peak LED Solutions McKinley HA keychain 7 UV LED - sold
    Peak LED Solutions McKinley HA pocket 7 white LED - sold
    Peak LED Solutions Pacific HA pocket CR2 Lux - sold
    Peak LED Solutions Pacific HA AA keychain/CR2 pocket P4 - sold
    Peak LED Solutions Shasta brass pocket 3 white LED - sold
    Peak LED Solutions Shasta HA 3 keychain UV LED - sold
    Peak LED Solutions Shasta HA pocket N-cell 3 white LED - sold
    Peak LED Solutions Shasta double head HA Baltic Lux white/3 red LED - lost

    Quark AA2 tactical XP-G neutral first run - gifted
    Quark 123 sterile clipless Titanium Limited Edition + tactical TC/AA2 body - sold
    Quark AA Turbo XP-G neutral mod - sold
    Quark MiNi 123 neutral tint - sold
    Quark Preon 1 red - gifted
    Quark Preon 1 yellow - gifted
    Quark Preon 2 yellow - gifted
    Quark Ti 123 sterile clipless XPG R5 tactical TC +2xAA body - sold

    Streamlight Twin-Task 3C - gifted
    Streamlight Twin-Task lithium - gifted

    SureFire A2 red LEDs 4-sided body - sold
    SureFire A2 yellow-green LEDs round body - sold
    Surefire L1 blue LED - sold
    SureFire Milky L1 four-flats LuxIII E4G amber - sold
    Surefire Milky L1 LuxI Q2H "to die for" cyan - sold
    Surefire Milky M1 "Cyanator" LuxV W3RC cyan - sold
    Surefire Z3 Combatlight - sold

    ThruNite Tis AAA twisty - gifted
    ThruNite T10 AA twisty - gifted
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    Default Re: list your lights

    This is my "collection" and where I bought each light and some of the mod parts from. Almost all have been modded by me in some way (always for brightness, runtime on high be damned, although lately I've been adding low/med modes for increasing available runtime).

    What ______________________________________________| Where

    LED lights by LED (79)

    5mm white LED (3)
    5mm LED folding "robotic" booklight Workforce brand| Home Depot - in backpack
    Multi red/white LED + siren + seatbelt cutter + window smasher emergency tool (gift from parents) – car
    A really crappy 3AAA 9*5mm LED light from wife for Valentine's Day (she paid waaaay too much) - kitchen

    5mm UV (1)
    12-LED UV 3AAA ____________________________________| DX sku 4014

    Lux I or similar (3)
    Grill-Tek minature 4*AAA LED lantern/salt shaker___| Gift from the parents
    Grill-Tek minature 4*AAA LED lantern/pepper shaker_| Gift from the parents
    TGX-823 Rechargeable POS___________________________| DX 109322 sent by accident instead of 109320

    Luxeon III, K2 (3)
    Trade Craft Luxeon K2 3AAA_________________________| BJ's wholesale
    Dorcy 1xAAA w/ Lux III aspheric mod________________| Walmart + Dorcy + DX parts, 10440p - in backpack
    Garrity 2D cell torch + 2 cell Mag LED drop-in_____| drop-in from Home Depot clearance - bathroom3
    Romisen R-1A01 1AAA 3W lumiled w/ collimator lens _| DX sku 5979 - gifted
    Ultrafire B3 Luxeon PWT 1AAA_______________________| DX sku 4796 - gifted
    Trade Craft Luxeon K2 3AAA_________________________| BJ's wholesale - gifted

    Luxeon Rebel (1)
    Garrity 4D cell Lantern + Mag Rebel LED module_____| light was from a y2k survival kit - bathroom1
    Dorcy 2AA rebel____________________________________| Sears (two-pack) - gifted

    SSC P4 (2)
    TANK007 TK-701 SSC P4 1*AAA keychain clickie_______| DX sku 18630 - daughter's keychain
    TANK007 TK-701 SSC P4 1*AAA keychain clickie_______| DX sku 18630 - daughter's keychain

    XR-C (1)
    3AAA zooming LED headlamp w/fake CREE emitter______| KD modded w/XR-C, new switch, 5-mode driver

    XR-E (11)
    Task Force 2C Xlamp + XR-E Q5 + 1.0A buck + LiFePO4| Lowes, sense modded drivers, 2*LiFe 25500, fwd sw
    Garrity 3AAA Nichia upgraded to CREE XRE P4________| WalMart (w/ modded 26mm drop-in) - bathroom2
    Ultrafire WF-008 recoil + 1.9A 18V driver & KD fwd_| DX 22934, KD, KD
    Dorcy 2AA rebel -> CREE XR-E, 1A, 2x14500, aspheric| Sears DX buck, KD batteries, lens DX – desk
    UltraFire C3 SS + SMO, 2*LiFePO4 RCR2, XR-E R2, 8.4Vin 1.5A buck driver - my main keychain
    Aurora SH-033 SS LiFe CR2, 5-mode 1A boost, XRE + SMO reflector - wife's keychain
    Aurora SH-033 SS LiFe CR2, 5-mode 1.1A boost, XR-E R2, SMO reflector - my van keycyhain
    CREE flod to throw 3AAA headlamp___________________| DX sku 32878
    SmallSun ZY-C60 + modded boost driver + SMO reflect| DX skus 20341, 25505, 5960 - daughter’s keychain
    SmallSun ZY-C60 + modded boost driver + SMO reflect| DX skus 20341, 25505, 5960 - daughter’s keychain
    UltraFire C60______________________________________| DX sku 103920 + KD LiFePO4 16340 - son's keychain
    UltraFire C60______________________________________| DX sku 103920 modded boost - gifted

    Black Mag 2D with SMO Triflector + 3*WW XR-E_______| DX 5-mode boost circuit ROV 6AA carrier - gifted
    The Mark V: Purple Mag 2C, 5 XR-E (three neut/warm + 2 warm), 2 LiFePO425550, 5*CREE 5-mode DX driver - Sold
    SuperBright C-02 CREE P4 MOP 1AA __________________| DX sku 5949 (modded driver for 1xAA or 1x14500) - gifted
    CR2 Mini Clicky CREE P4 MOP _______________________| DX sku 4201 – gifted
    TrustFire TR-803 Cree Q5 1RCR123 __________________| DX sku 13096 - destroyed tailthreads
    UltraFire WF-502b Xenon w/ Rebel 5 mode drop-in____| KD sku 1258 w/ homemade drop-in w/DX 15880 – gifted
    Ultrafire A1 CREE Q5 1x16340 5 mode _______________| DX sku 16844 + DX 15880 1A buck/boost – gifted
    Ultrfire C308 3AAA_________________________________| DX 20127 gifted
    Ultrafire MCU-C7s (1xCR123A)_______________________| DX 26947 : Gifted
    Ultrafire C3 SS + XRE Q5, 1050mA regulator, 14500p, SMO - gifted
    UniqueFire HS-802, briefly modded with 4500K SST-50, returned to XR-E and gifted
    boxer 1xCR123A aluminum clicky (DX 13269) _________| H/L/S PWM driver, dedomed WW XR-E - gifted
    Mag 2D w/ KD Cree Q5 and DX Aspheric lens__________| KD sku 4465 + DX 50*18mm Aspheric lens - sold
    TrustFire TR-801 1x18650 modded w/warm white CREE__| DX 13095 + KD Lo/Hi 1A buck/boost – gifted

    TrustFire XP-EF23 SS XP-E R2_______________________| DX 24291, DX 4588 aspheric - garage keychain
    Romisen RC-U8 + IMR 22650 battery__________________| DX 55757 - wife's glovebox
    DX branded AAA/10440 XP-E light____________________| DX 44620, de-domed - my winter coat zipper pull
    Mag 2D LED 3rd rev, stock__________________________| Lowes BF sale
    Aurora SH-032 +deepSMO +WWXPE +1.9AKDV2 HML driver_| WWXPE, 20mm SMO, KD V2 w5chips, AWIMR18650 nightstand
    MiniMag 2AA LED, w/Mag 2D pill, TCS-1 tailcap, NiMH| Home Depot clearance - kids bedroom
    MiniMag 2AA LED w/Mag 2D pill, Niteize tailsw, NiMH| Lowe's - kids bedroom
    MiniMag 2AA LED w/Mag 2D pill, Niteize tailsw, NiMH| Lowe's - kids bedroom
    Romisen RC-U8 + IMR 22650 battery__________________| DX 55757
    SIPIK CK361 recoil modded w/XPE & 1.2A 18V driver__| DX, DX, KD – gifted
    SkyRay S-R5 2-cell XPE 3-mode modded________________| DX 32749,
    26111, 5955, 25368 - Gifted

    XT-E (1)
    RayOVac RoughNeck LED 2D___________________________| Amazon $6 shipped with batteries, modded to WW XT-E

    XP-G (9)
    AAP Professionals Favorite 2C modded to XPG 5000K__| 35mm MOP, fwd, 2xC LiFePO4, 8.4v driver w/ 1.5A mod
    AAP Professionals Favorite2C + XP-G R5 1.9A buck___| 34mm Fraen, 2*LiFePO4 25500, fwd, glass
    Trustfire SSC P7-A2 1x18650, modded w/XPG 5000K____| KD PID 5374, + 41mm SMO PID 10451 + fwd switch + glow
    Aurora SH-034 SS CR123A light + XPG + KD PWM only__| modded, dedomed XPG, glowpowder, SMO, PWM only driver
    SmallSun ZY-C37 + fwd, XP-G, 47mm dSMO, 1.7A, 22600| DX, KD, digikey (4000K), KD, KD (sense modded), KD
    Black Mag 2D XPG Aspheric homebrew_________________| recessed HS, modded boost dvr, DX12834 lens
    Streamlight TwinTask 2D+4K XPG in cut down 52mm MOP| 6AA in ROV carrier (was once converted to 4 XRE)
    GT Price MX-991/U Army light 4000K XP-G 1.8A, MOP__| glass lens, 2 DX 25505 boost w/R100 sense resistor output mod
    UltraFire WF-502D + XPG, SMO, 2xLiFe 18650, 5 mode_| KD, XPG light engine from SkyRay S-R5
    TrustFire F22 SS XP-E 14500________________________| DX sku.31731, modded w/ de-domed XP-G - gifted

    SSC P7 (0)
    C8 clone SSC P7 1x18650 ___________________________| DX sku 12271 (focus, thermal, DD, +fwd switch) - sold
    Red Mag 2D w/SSC P7 D-bin, DX20330, 6AA, 53mm MOP__| DX 13803 reflector w/copper base, KD glass – Gifted

    MC-E (7)
    Task Force 2C modded to MC-E neutral white 2-mode__| fwd switch, 35mm MOP, 2.8A H/L reg, 2x25500 LiFePO4
    HA-III Ultrafire C2 + MC-E 3.8A 3-mode H-M-L_______| DX skus 6177, 16145, KD tactical switch, 11*7135
    Lil Giant: cut down Mag 1C, 3X MCE NW, 1xIMR26500, 3-mode HML (used to be The Mark XII)
    Black Mag 2D 4S NW MC-E Deep MOP current regulated_| used recipie from leftover parts MC-E mod & 2*32600 LiFePO4
    The LED USL Mag 3D honed & modded w/ 16 Eneloop AA, 5x CREE MC-E 4A neutral white 3000 Lmn. ~1hr runtime
    Maglite based triple MC-E bike light, run from 4xUltraFire LiFePO4 4AH 32600 batteries - about to be a bike light
    Black Mag 2C w/53mm MOP, NW MCE 4S, DX 26106 5-mode boost driver, 2*25500 LiFePO4

    RayOVac 3C SportsmanXtreme modded MOP, dedomed MC-E| Sears fwd, glass, 40mm MOP, 3 NiMH C – gifted
    Mag 2C w/3x MC-E k bin, 2x IMR18650, 3 CREE reflec.| see MC-E Madness : SOLD
    Mag 2C w/3x MC-E k bin, 2x 18650, tri-sink, Boom SS| see MC-E Madness : SOLD
    The Mark VIII Warm White: Mag 3C, 1 WW MC-E, 4 WW XR-E, 2 Sony 26650VT, 2 DX 20330 bucks - SOLD
    The XX-Ray Mag 2.25D, 5x MC-E neutral white________| too much to list (see link_ - SOLD
    Ultrafire EMR1 Rebel modded to MC-E DD PWM 5 mode__| DX 7079 + MC-E + KD pid 1845 - sold
    Black Mag 4D, 52mm MOP, CW MC-E, 2.8A 2-mode reg, 4*Alkaline D-Cells - Gifted

    SST-50 (1)
    Black Mag 2D Triple 4500K SST-50 SMO 3-mode 3*AWIMR26500
    Silver Mag 2C SST-50 thrower Cu HS, SST-50 4500K N3 GH400 @4.1A, 2*DX20330, Mag Rebel reflector, 2*22650 SOLD
    UltraFire WF-502c w/ WF-500 head, de-domed SST50___| KD 1257 Xen,7947 driver, DX 17384 53mm MOP, 2x18650 LiFe SOLD

    SST-90 (3)
    Mag 2D (LED) SST-90 4500K P4, was SST-90 Aspheric, now is Bigger Red w/reamed Throwmaster
    BigRed: Mag 2D, SST-90 F3 GM100, 3x8xAMC7135, 8xDuraloopAA, deep SMO
    Silver Mag 2D SST-90 Aspheric 8.4A 3*DX20330_______| SST-90 from KD, homemade Al heatsink, DX Asph. Lens

    XM-L (24)
    Ultrfire C308 1x22650 + CREE XML T6 _______________| DX 20127 modded fwd, XM-L, 3.8A 2-mode, GITD boot
    Mag1C deep SMO homemade 1x26650 cut-down thrower, 4.4A KD V2 3A + 1.4A slave, was SST-50, now XM-L
    UltraFire C8-A1 modded w/SST-50, then domeless, now CREE XM-L T6, KD fwd switch, 2-mode 3.4A reg.
    Led Wholesalers 7224bk 3AA CREE light______________| Amazon modded to XM-L, metal SMO, glass, 3AA carrier upg.
    Mag 2D super thrower CREE XM-L T6 @ 5A, 73mm SMO___| 2*DX20300 drivers, 2*32600 LiFePO4 batteries
    Mag 2D Pewter, XM-L @ 5A, 50mm aspheric____________| DX 20330 (x2), DX 12834 optic, 2x Ultrafire 32600 LiFePO4 cells
    UltraFire C9-T60 3-mode XML 1*18650________________| DX 90778, KD fwd switch, AW IMR 18650
    Mag 3C with 65mm SST90 reflector, 3*NiMH C-cells, 2-mode 4.2A regulator and 4500K XM-L
    Trustfire HA-III SSC P7-C 2x18650 modded w/NW XML__| DX sku 14412, KD fwd click, NW XML, KD P7/MCE driver
    TrustFire Z5 2*18650 Aspheric______________________| KD, modded with 30mm aspheric and 5000K XML
    Unnamed CN 2x26650 host with NW XML, SMO Glass & DX 3.5A SST-50 5-mode driver
    Romisen RC-C8 Flood to Throw_______________________| modded: IMR22650, XM-L, 2.8A HML reg., 30mm glass asph., Glow
    Ultrfire C308 1x22650 IMR + 5000K CREE XML T5______| fwd, XM-L, 3.0A 3-mode, low voltage warning
    UltraFire MCU-C88 3AA CREE XR-E 3 mode thrower_____| modded: 5000K XML, KDV2reg, fwd switch
    109 LED Showerhead light converted to XML 75mm aspheric
    FandyFire 3900 3x XML SMO 2*IMR18650_______________| DX 104283
    Blue Mag 1D cut-down w/5000K XML, 4.4A HML regulator, Mag LED reflector, 1*IMR26650
    UltraFire HD-2010 (XML, 266650, 58mm SMO)__________| KD S020147
    CREE XM-L Headlamp (2*18650)_______________________| eBay
    Prairie Fire D1 (2*18650 deep, wide SMO XM-L_______| DX 102584
    Blue Mag 2D + Deep SMO XM-L drop-in and 2*IMR26650
    Unbranded 2*26650 3*XML-L light (SkyRay 856 host)
    Stanley FatMax XML spotlight_______________________| WalMart
    SmallSun ZY-T16 2*26650 XML SMO + modded DX driver_| Manafont, added R47 to DX 106805 for 2.7A out

    The Man O' War Mag 4C 4x 5000K XML quad optic 3 modes (HML) 4x AccuEvo LSD NiMH C SOLD
    MTE SSC P7-C, modded with neutral XM-L & 3.0A 3mode| DX sku 16541, XML from DigiKey, KD V2 regulator - gifted
    SacredFire NF-08 Flood to Throw____________________| modded: IMR
    22650, 5000K XM-L, 2.8A HML regulator, Glow - SOLD
    SacredFire NF-08 flood-to-throw, modded____________| DX, LiMN 22600 battery, de-domed SST-50, KD fwd switch - SOLD
    SmallSun ZY-666 3*C, XM-L, MOP, fwd sw, 3.4A 2-mode| DX 16503, 18073, KD fwd sw, AccuPower C's - Sold
    Mag 3C was SST-50 thrower 5A regulated by 2xDX20330, deep SMO (Mag Rebel), updated to CREE XM-L – SOLD
    SmartFire/SacredFire V-65C (clone of MG RX-1), was modded with SST-50, now with CREE XM-L, 3.8A Hi-Mid-Lo – gifted
    RayOVac 3C SportsmanXtreme modded, then re-modded__| 2*22650, fwd, MOP, XM-L, DX SST-50 driver - Traded
    Ultrafire WF-C6S SS (chromed brass) 1x16340________| DX 11669, was modded, remodded to XM-L + 5-mode PWM - sold
    Mag 2D Blue, 3x XM-L @ 2.8A
    , Cu PES-D, Tri-optic___| DX 1916 optic, 3x AccuPower NiMH LSD C-cells, 3-mode 3x 2.8A regulators - SOLD

    Incans (5):
    Task Force 1M Candlepower spotlight _______________| Lowes - my trunk
    Dorcy 3M Candlepower spotlight ____________________| Sears Hardware - wife's trunk
    Duracell Durabeam 6V Lantern w/ Mag 4Cell Xenon ___| used gift, bulb upgraded to Mag Xenon
    Dorcy Krypton 6V waterproof spotlight
    Some big, ugly 4 D-cell multi function spotlight/fluorescent thing my wife bought for a girl scout trip without consulting me first

    Hotwires (2):
    Mag 2D, Kiu socket, 2*Sony 26650VT, Philips 7388 (6V20WG4), recessed spring, DX MOP P7 reflector
    The Broadway - Mag 3C, WF-600 xenon drop-in (PH7388), 2x Sony 26650VT LiNiCoMn batteries, SurplusShed L6692 Aspheric Lens
    The Bruiser: Mag 4D, 20 Titanium Powermax 1800 AA, Hikari JC-5033, SSC P7 reflector. Very white 3.8k Lumen output, longer runtime
    The Bruiser 6k Lumen Original:
    Osram 64440s 50w bulb overdriven to ~100-125W (~5A draw measured by DMM)
    Mag 2D, Kiu socket, 3xAW IMR26500, Hikari JC5607, recessed spring, 2k Lumen

    HID (1):
    Stanley HID 3000 35W HID spotlight
    Vector Power On Board 35W HID searchlight SOLD

    Fodder for the Modder (6) (hosts/parts awaiting inspiration or work in progress):
    2x Mag 2D LED
    1x Mag 2C
    1x Gordon 3" 109 LED light (head donor for 7xXPG project)
    1x Gordon 95 LED light (head donors for 66mm lens projects)
    1x 68 LED light for 7xRegina project (head donor)

    Coming soon (0) (on-order/shipped):
    nothing else, I'm broke

    Big plans
    7x Ledil Tina XPE 2C
    7x XPG in 26mm SMO in one 3" head
    66mm aspheric lens in foreign head on Mag body
    7x Ledil Regina 1C or 2.5C in 60mm head

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Here's my meager, yet growing collection, all that I can lay my hands on, rest in storage due to moving out....updates soon

    AA Minimag MOD'd w/ a TLE-5EX + clicky
    AA Minimag MOD'd w/ a Nite Ize 1w and IQ clicky
    Streamlight PolyStinger
    Underwater Kinetics UK400 Dive light (looking for drop-ins)
    AND a SL Microstream in the mail!!

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    Default Re: list your lights

    See my signature...
    Current favorites (in no particular order): Ti PD-S...120P...Nautilus...CR2 Ion...Wee Ti/NS/Ag...Raw Al/NS/Ti/Da...EX10...6PD(M60)...La Petite Killer...Luce de Notte

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    Default Re: list your lights

    I know the OP specifies no need for pics, but I was wondering if anyone would mind if I posted a pic instead of typing it all out? Would this be a problem?

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    Default Re: list your lights

    laser devices Op-6 (2 way toggle switch and glass lens)
    laser devices Op-6 LED (3 way toggle with glass lens)
    pentagonlight L3 LED
    pentagonlight L2 LED
    surefire e2 (incandescent) with KL head
    mini mag light (five of 'em) several have Nite Ize led bulbs and click tail cap

    garrity stainless steel 2AA
    maglight 3D

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    Default Re: list your lights

    SF 6p original
    SF G2 incan
    SF G3 incan
    SF E2E
    SF E2DL
    SF E1B
    Fenix L0D Q4 x4
    Fenix L2D Q5 x2
    Fenix L1D Q5
    Fenix P1D Q5
    Fenix TK20
    Fenix T1
    Fenix E01
    Mag 6D
    Mag 3D LED
    Mag mini 2aa LED
    Mag mini 3aa LED
    Zebralight H-50 x2
    Petzl Myo XP

    Various cheap automotive lamp spotlights and assorted cheapo lights.

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    Default Re: list your lights


    SF E2D
    SF G2
    SF M2
    Maglite 3D
    Maglite AA
    Pentagon Light X2


    Blackhawk Gladius
    Inisght H2X Arcturus Rechargeable
    Fenix L1D
    Streamlight TLR-1
    NiteCore Defender Infinity
    Petzl Tactikka XP Adapt
    Photon I - Amber
    Photon II and Freedom
    Inova Microlight - UV
    Inova X1
    Inova X03
    Maglite - 3D Maglite LED Upgrade
    Maglite - 2D NiteIze Upgrade
    Maglite - AA NiteIze Upgrade
    Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme 3W

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    Default My Collection

    all gone
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    Default Re: list your lights

    I'm more of a Dorcy fan, that and I'm not obsessed with flashlights. *I'm beginning to branch out.**

    -*Coleman CREE XLAMP XR-C LED 3xAAA*
    -Dorcy model 41-4262 (45 lumens 1xCR123) Super 1Watt
    -Dorcy model 41-4297 (120 lumens 3xAAA) K2 Luxeon LED
    -Dorcy model 41-4240 (9 LED 3xAAA)
    -*Dorcy model 41-4245 (9 LED 3xAAA)**
    -Mini Mag 2XAA w/ Nite Ize 3LED upgrade *&& Tail on/off clickie**
    -Mag Lite Solitaire
    -Brinkmann 2XAA (now i use it for Mag scrap parts)
    -*Mini Mag KNOCK OFF (surprisingly bright)**
    -no name 21 LED 3xAAA
    -tons of no names not worth mentioning
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    Thinking Re: list your lights

    my 'right-now' current lights:
    oldie but goodie Nuwai TM-301X-5 Luxeon V
    well regulated River Rock led lantern 1.5w Jupiter
    9v PAL Safe Light Nichia CS
    Streamlight Sidewinder 0.5w Nichia Rigel
    Garrity 3 led dynamo light fitted w/ an extra 3.6v nimh battery pack wired in parallel
    mini palm-sized 3 led dynamo light, stripped to 1 led - woo-hoo what a mod!
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    Best FREE First Person Shooter [Here] Best FREE Smileys [Here]

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Just Starting:

    Surefire G2 Led (2)
    Surefire 6P with M60 and A19 6v to 9v Converter
    Surefire G3 Led
    Fenix L2D CE
    Fenix L2D Premium Q5
    Fenix P1D Premium Q5
    Fenix E01
    Maglite 2D (2)
    Maglite 2xAA

    Must have MORE lights!!!

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