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Thread: list your lights

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    Default Re: list your lights


    My lights:

    Maglite 3С
    Maglite 2АА
    Maglite 2ААА
    Maglite Soliter
    Fenix TK10
    SureFire G2
    NiteCore EX10
    Fenix PD20 R2 2010
    Lumens Factory Seraph SP-6, 2 Cell Modular Flashlight (Xenon)
    Lumens Factory Seraph SP-9, 3 Cell Modular Tactical Flashlight (LED) + Seraph - D36 Mini-Turbo Head+HO-9L
    Lighthound CR-1 Cree Q4 LED 1x123 or 1xRCR123
    Aurora X-06-3 Cree P4-WC 120-Lumen LED Flashlight with Assault Crown (3*CR123A)
    JETBeam JET-1 Pro IBS v.2 Q3
    NiteCore EZ AA
    Lumens Factory Seraph SP-9, 3 Cell Modular Tactical Flashlight(Xenon)
    TrustFire TR-803 Cree Q5-WC 230-Lumen
    UltraFire A10 HA-III Cree Q5-WC HA-III 220-Lumen
    Romisen RC-A4 Cree Q3-WC 3-Mode 150-Lumen
    TANK007 TK-703 HA-III Cree Q3-WC 110-Lumen
    TrustFire F20 Cree Q5-WC 5-Mode 230-Lumen
    TrustFire Z1 Cree XP-E-Q5 3-Mode 280

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Wow, I thought I had a lot of lights! so here is my first post

    Fenix TK40
    Surefire E2DL
    AA Quark Tactical
    Nitecore Extreme Infinity
    Fenix PD20
    2d Maglite Rebel
    Streamlight night com
    Fenix hp10
    Maelstrom G5
    Quark mini 123

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    Default Re: list your lights

    ^ So did I, then i found this site lol
    Gonna have to start catchin up

    Surefire 6P
    Surefire G2 X2
    Surefire E2D LED
    Surefire C2
    Mag 4D
    Mag 2D-deceased, batteries exploded, anyone want the parts?
    Mini mag 2AA

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Fenix TK30
    iTP A3 SS
    Mag solitare (3)
    Mini Mag (1)
    Nitecore D10 q5 old ui
    Nitecore D10 r2 camo new ui (Red Trit in piston slot)
    Nitecore D20
    Nitecore SR3
    Petzl Emergency headlamp
    Surefire G2 (1 plain, 1 P60L with metal head upgrade for heat)
    Surefire G2L
    Surefire 6P (with a KX4 head)
    Surefire C3
    Surefire E1B
    Surefire E2E (with red filter and diffuser)
    Streamlight stylus pro.

    Surefire lego is working its way into my veins. Buying E-series bodies, tailcaps, Glass lens for the G2's and even Surefire battery cases.

    The addiction isnt slowing.

    I LOVE IT!

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    Default Re: list your lights

    I'm new to at least the mild passion of flashlights, but some of you guys here are crazy, I have seen users post lists of hundreds of flashlights, I don't know how people even acquire that many or make use of them all

    To each their own of course.. You'll be the lucky one's if the sun ever dies
    Again, I have only recently found that I kind of really like flashlights.
    My list so far only consists of two TK45's. This list may grow a bit in time, but certainly could never afford to own an abundance of flashlights!

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    Hm, yea. My collection is pretty modest compared to most of you guys, but my wife doesn't understand our fascination and nags me when I spend money on flashlights. Lol.

    Fenix TK10
    Fenix LD20 (R4 version)
    Fenix TA21
    Fenix PD30 (R4 version, 265 Lumen)

    Quark AA2 Tactical
    Quark RGB

    JETBeam RRT-2 Raptor (R2 version)
    JETBeam M1X

    SureFire Kroma (for sale in the CPF MP)
    SureFire AZ2
    SureFire LX2

    Waiting for the new SureFire line to be released and will be making a few more additions. Also looking to add the Fenix TK30, Fenix TK45, Quark Tactical 123^2, Quark G5 Malestrom, and the SureFire E2L Outdoorsman to my collection by Christmas.

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    Default Re: list your lights

    It's official!
    For the true flashaholic, one must use the scroll wheel to see the full list of their treasures.

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    My collection todate;

    Eveready 3D (classic 1950s chrome plated brass) with LED dropin
    Eveready 3D (1990's classic revisit large head in brass) with LED dropin
    MagLite 3D with Malkoff 3-6D dropin
    MagLite 4D with Macs Customs 4500K SST-50 dropin
    MiniMag 2AA with Teralux Ministar2 dropin
    Olight SR-90 Intimidator
    Olight M20s Warrior R5
    Olight M20 Warrior Premium R2
    Thrunite Catapult V2
    Jetbeam M1X
    Jetbeam TC-R3
    Jetbeam RRT-1
    Legion II SST-50
    McGizmo Haiku XP-G
    McGizmo Makai
    McGizmo Aleph3 ruberised Duracoat DB+LuxV
    McGizmo Aleph3 chrome DB+Seoul
    McGizmo McLuxI PR/X-bin 3x123EN
    McGizmo 27LT-S
    McGizmo McLuxIII HD45 Milky P4-FluPic
    Malkoff HoundDog
    Ra Light EDC clicky 170 tactical flush button + 17670 body raised button
    Downloads Pocket Rocket SST-50
    FiveMega FM3X+Megalenium-B
    SureFire 9P
    Surefire 6P LED Defender (Solarforce SS head and Malkoff M61W)
    Surefire G2D FYL
    Tiablo A50
    Solarforce Masterpiece Pro-1 on L2 body with S5 switch
    Solarforce lots of L2 lego (about 6 flashlights worth of bits)
    Solarforce Skyline I
    Solarforce L1200
    iTP A6 Polarstar
    iTP A1 Eos
    iTP A3 Eos Titanium
    iTP H01
    LED Lenser P7
    RaidFire Spear with SST-50
    UltraFire WF-502B
    Ultrafire WF-502D
    Ultrafire WF-501A
    Ultrafire WF-501D
    Ultrafire C1
    Ultrafire C8-XPG
    Ultrafire ZF-60147 lantern
    Uniquefire X8
    MTE SSC P7
    Romisen RC-A6
    Trustfire ST-50
    Trustfire F22
    Saik SA-8
    Police GL-037-45
    Cheap HK 35/50W HID
    Cheap 900lumen SSC P7 bike light which works a treat (replaces my old NiCd powered 15W halogen bike lights)

    McGizmo Ti S27 PD
    Tiablo A10
    Surefire E1B
    Surefire M3 custom Lego with SST-50+McR38

    Looking for;
    Olight M20 Ti
    McGizmo Aleph 1 head
    WHOA...I'm sorry I got you into this mess lol. Keep it up.

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Glad to see that this thread is still alive after 5 years.

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Never stop collecting...

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    Buttrock Re: list your lights

    Surefire A2
    Surefire L2
    Surefire M3 Milkymod 3xMRE
    Surefire M6 Magnumlight with PhD Regulation
    Surefire M6 Milkymod 4xMCE (under construction)

    FiveMega Red 2x18500 D36
    FiveMega Megalennium running FM1909
    FiveMega Pewter 2.5D 2S/2P Mag running ROP high

    2D Mag Pewter ROP-LE (2x18650)
    3D Mag Black x 2

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    Default Re: list your lights

    - Led Lenser P7
    - Fenix E20
    - Mini Maglite
    - SacredFire NF-009

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Hi, I am just starting in this hobby and currently have

    Fenix TK11R5
    Fenix TK45
    Jetbeam RRT0 R5
    Jetbeam RRT3
    Jetbeam JEt 1 Pro
    Sunwayled M10R
    Sunwayled M40C
    Surefire E2DL
    Surefire LX2
    Nitecore D11
    Nitecore Infilux
    Olight I10
    4seven Maelstrom G5
    Ledlenser M7
    Eagletec M3C4 R5

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    Smile Re: list your lights

    Since editing this list was becoming quite a lot of work lately with lights being gifted and new lights arriving I just listed a few favorites (although I really like all my lights).

    HDS Clicky 120 Executive
    Sunwayman V10R
    Zebralight SC51w
    4Sevens Quark 123▓ Turbo
    Eagletac D25C Clicky
    Fenix TK12
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    Default Re: list your lights

    My list of lights:

    -Download's Aluminum Pocket Rocket
    -Olight M21 Warrior
    -Farka F8
    -Xeno G5
    -Xeno E15
    -Xeno Cube SS V7
    -4sevens AA^2
    -4sevens Preon 1 Blue
    -4sevens Preon 1 Titanium
    -Nitecore NDI
    -Nitecore EX10 R2 Edition
    -Maratac AAA
    -2 Coast V2 Triplex Lights, 1 Black and 1 Silver
    -$3 Laser/9 LED light from Home Deopot - The pride of my collection

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Quote Originally Posted by The_LED_Museum View Post
    As of just over a year ago:

    Aitec "Collimator" torches
    Brinkmann Rebel 2 4-LED Flashlight
    Tektite Excursion LS4 Flashlight
    Excursion Pro
    Expedition 300 (Green)
    Expedition 300 (White)
    Expedition 50
    Trek 400 EX40
    Expedition 1900
    Exped. 1900 Ltd
    Expedition 1400
    Tektite Expedition Star
    Dorcy 8-LED
    Lightwave 3000
    Lightwave 4000
    Millennium 3 C.Guard
    Millennium 3 Military
    Novigear SL2 Flashlight
    Pelican Sabrelite Flashlight
    Super Tiger 9-LED Flashlight
    Trek 6000 EX60
    Aitec "Collimator" torches
    Arc AA Flashlight
    Arc AAA LE (PE)
    Arc AAA RGB
    Arc AAA Std.
    ATA Aluminum 4-LED Flashlight
    Belt Light
    Brinkmann Long Life
    Brinkmann Rebel
    C.C. Mini Trek
    CMG Bonfire Tent Light
    CMG Bonfire Blaze Tent Light
    CMG Infinity
    CMG Infinity Ultra
    CMG/Gerber Sonic
    Coleman Compact 3-LED Light
    Coleman Endurance 6-LED Light
    Dorcy 1-LED Flashlight
    Dorcy 3-LED Flashlight
    Dorcy 4-LED Flashlight
    Dorcy Cool Blue #1
    Dorcy LS Flashlight
    eternaLight Derringer
    eternaLight EliteMax
    eternaLight Elite X-Ray
    eternaLight Rave'n
    FL-04 Pocket Flashlight
    FlashLED 3 & 6
    Flashlight Tuner
    Energizer Folding Lant'n
    Inova X1 Flashlight
    PT Impact
    PT Impact II Flashlight
    LED-Club Flushlight
    LED Lenser V2 Flashlight
    LED Torch (ebay)
    Lightwave 2000
    Lightwave 2100
    Lumos LED Flashlight
    Mellert MasterLED x4
    Mini FlashLED
    Mini-Trek Flashlight
    MX5S Flashlight
    Nightbuster 8X
    Nightbuster Ledda
    Our Best Aluminum
    Peak 1xAAA 1xLED Brass Flashlight
    PLW-3 (New style)
    PLW-3 (Old style)
    Quantum 2000
    CMG Reactor
    S&W Galaxy
    3-LED Saber Flashlight
    ShoreLite Vx1 Flashlight
    Starlite 128 (Old)
    Starlite 213R
    Starlite 128R
    Squid Light
    Streamlight ProPoly 4-AA
    Streamlight ClipMate
    Teknolite Flashlight w/Trasers
    TSI 3-Way LED Torch
    TSI Three-Color Sliding Torch
    Stylus 3
    Trek 1
    Trek 2
    Trek 4 Ltd. Ed. Alum
    Turtlelite 1
    Turtlelite 2
    UK eLED Flashlight
    Unknown brand 3-LED Flashlight
    Coast Cutlery V12 Flashlight
    ASP Aspen
    Countycomm $1 Flashlight
    CMG O4 Mini
    County Comm Super Tough Light
    Princeton Tec Eclipse
    Gamma Ray
    Jewel Lite LED Flashlight
    Knife Lite
    Lightwave Pocket Bright
    Litepro Kee-Biner
    Litepro Quasar
    Lithium Micro Light
    Mirage Micro Light
    Photon 2
    Photon 3
    Photon Freedom Micro Light
    Photon X-Light
    Photon Rav'n
    PT Pulsar I
    PT Pulsar II
    Energizer Pocket LED
    'Presentation UFO'
    Sapphire (Asp)
    Swiss+Tech Micro-Light
    Tag Light
    Toollogic T1 Tech Light
    UltraSLIM Disposable
    Photon X-Light Rainbow
    Small Keychain LED
    Aluminum Keychain Flashlight
    KeyLED Original
    KeyLED New
    LED Lenser V1 Moon
    LEDSupply Keychain Lantern
    NeoGlo Keychain Flashlights
    Pelican L1
    Photonenpumpe V8
    Pocketlite Auto
    Toollogic TracLite
    AK-38 LED+Laser Light
    Arc 4+ Flashlight
    Arc-LSHP w/Fraen
    Arc LS Premium
    Arc LS Prototype
    Epoch 4
    Beam-Fire Quattro
    Fliklite Flashlight
    Inova 24/7
    Inova X5
    LEDXTREME LX-5 Flashlight
    LED-Lenser V2 Triplex
    Pelican M6 LED Flashlight
    S175 Luxeon Flashlight
    SureFire KL1 LS Bezel
    SureFire KL2 LED Bezel
    SureFire KL3 LS Bezel
    SureFire KL4 5W LS Bezel
    SureFire L1
    SureFire L5 Flashlight
    TNC Hyper Lux V
    TNC Splash Ano Flashlight
    Streamlight TL-2 LS Flashlight
    Superfire SF-101 Flashlight
    Supra Police Flashlight
    Acculux Rechargeable
    ALX-1213N Rechargeable Luxeon Flashlight
    Bulldog LED Flashlight
    Coleman Rechargeable 2-LED Light
    Free Light
    Free Light 2
    Micra Lithium
    Micro opto e-light
    Nightstar II LED Flashlight
    PAL Survival
    PAL OneStar
    Rigel Skylite Flashlight
    Solar Rechargeable Flashlight
    UView Rechargeable NUV Light
    Vector 4 NUV Inspection Light
    Vector 7 Rechargeable UV LED Light
    385nm 7-LED UV Flashlight
    2-in-1 Money Det.
    InReTECH MC395 NUV
    Mini Detector UV
    Mini Money Checker
    Photon 3 Violet/NUV
    UView Phazer Inspection Light
    UView Rechargeable NUV Light
    UV Starlight
    UV 'UFO' type 1
    UV 'UFO' type 2
    Wilycon UV Keych.
    Wilycon UV Pen
    AB Moonbeams Nightlight
    AB UV Glo Lite Mod
    Lambda's Ill Pill mod
    Lambda's Hydra
    Elektrolumens ElektroBlaster
    Fire~Fly Flashlight
    Gentle LED Birth Light
    Illuminator HD Flashlight
    Aragorn's Violet P3 Mod
    Ted Bear's 'ArcFinity' Kit
    Alaska Illum. Legend Mod
    Double Barrel 18
    Mini Illuminator Flashlight
    Lambda Illuminator (LS)
    Long Gun Illuminator (LS Mod)
    McLux LED Flashlights
    McModule PM6 Mod
    Micro Illuminator Flashlight
    Milky Candle
    Double Barrel LS Mod
    Pelican M6 6W NUV Modification
    Spider LED Bike Light Mod
    SBP (Super Baby Pin)
    Positron Laser
    Space Needle II
    Terra Destroyer
    Turbo-Mate Flashlight
    Quaggy Light
    EverLED Bulb
    Ever-Star LED Bulb
    Diamond LED Replacement Bulb
    InReTECH 2AA kits
    InReTECH MCWK White
    InReTECH Mega 6
    InReTECH Super 6
    InReTECH TriLight
    InReTECH TriLight-III
    LEDcorp PR bulb
    LEDCORP Epieon Bulb
    NewBeam Mini-Mag "Bulb"
    Night Pearl PR Bulb
    Pro Series 3 Bulb
    Avalanche 2 Headlamp
    Avalanche 6 Headlamp
    Black Diamond Gemini
    Black Diamond Ion
    Black Diamond Moonlight
    Dostone 5-LED Headlamp
    Energizer LED Essentials headlamp
    FrontaLED Trekker
    Fusion (LRI)
    Lightwave Illuminator.
    Novigear HM1 LS Headlamp
    Petzl Tikka
    Princeton Tec Scout
    Responder 4AA Headlamp
    Seven $1 Store Flashlights
    Bison Sportlight (2-C)
    Division 2 Responder
    Brinkmann Legend LX
    Docter Aspherilux 125
    Mag Lite (3-D)
    Mag Solitaire Flashlight
    Mini Mag (2-AA)
    Nordic 3-D
    Pelican M6
    Princeton Tec Surge
    SureFire Executive E2D Defender
    S&W Classic Combo
    SureFire A2 Aviator
    SureFire CPF-50
    SureFire E2
    SureFire Executive E2D Defender
    SureFire M2 Centurion
    TigerLight FBOP Flashlight
    Trek 200
    Trek 6000
    Trek Micralite
    UKE Mini (2-AAA)
    Light Cannon 100 HID
    Crate&Barrel Slim Light Rechargeable
    1xLED Keychain Flashlight
    Peak 1xAA 5xLED Gold Flashlight
    Energizer Trim Flex LED
    Peak 1xAAA 3xLED HA & Brass Flashlights
    OMBU 5W LED Flashlight
    Peak 1xCR123A 7xLED Brass Flashlight
    "Ceemore" 12-LED Flashlight
    Lightwave Infiniton Flashlight
    Sharper Image Ear Lite
    Eveready 2D Flashlight
    "Xnova" 1xAAA 3xLED Flashlight
    Guide Gear 12-LED Lantern
    Pelican 4300 Nemo 8C Flashlight
    SureFire L2 Digital Lumamax
    Nitestar 3W Luxeon Flashlight
    Vortex TC1 Flashlight
    PT Yukon HL Headlamp
    SureFire L6 Flashlight
    X8 LED Flashlight
    6-LED Flashlight/Laser Pointer
    Elektrolumens XM-2 Flashlight
    McGizmo's PR-917 Bezel
    Extended LED Search Stick
    Wow,wow ,great collection

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Wow, that collection was huge...

    Mine is rather small:

    Surefire 6P
    Surefire M6
    Lupine TL700
    Lupine Betty

    I've worn out two Fenix P1D CE lights during work. (They don't like too much rain).

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    Default List of my lights

    Standalone lights

    AELight 25W Xenide Class 1 Division 2
    Arc AAA-UV (375nm)
    FiveMega Megalennium-B (FM1909 / WA1185)
    FiveMega Surefire Deep Turbo C
    Inova T1-MP
    Inova T2-MP
    INFORCE Color (black)
    Jetbeam Jet-Á
    OVEREADY SureFire C2-XML2-DD, TiAlN bezel
    Polarion PF50
    SolarForce Skyline I
    SolarForce Skyline II
    SureFire M3T
    SureFire M6
    Tiablo A8 OP + SMO + Collimator Head
    Wolf-Eyes MC-Explorer
    ZebraLight H30
    ZebraLight H50 (x2)
    ZebraLight H60

    D26/P60 hosts

    OVEREADY SureFire 6P, TiAlN bezel, Z59 (x2)
    OVEREADY SureFire 6P, TiAlN bezel, McClicky HARDpress
    OVEREADY SureFire 6P HA bronzed, TiN bezel, McClicky HARDpress
    OVEREADY SureFire 6P Cerakote GITD, TiAlN bezel, McClicky HARDpress
    OVEREADY SureFire C2, TiAlN bezel, UCL lens, McClicky HARDpress (x3)
    OVEREADY SureFire C2 Cerakote MultiCam, TiAlN bezel, UCL lens, McClicky HARDpress
    OVEREADY SureFire C3, TiAlN bezel, UCL lens, McClicky HARDpress (x2)
    OVEREADY SureFire C3 Cerakote MultiCam, TiAlN bezel, UCL lens, McClicky HARDpress
    OVEREADY SureFire E1E P60 HA, TiAlN bezel
    Wolf-Eyes 6AF Sniper (x2)

    D26/P60 drop-ins

    CustomLites Cree UV 395nm
    CustomLites GoldenDragon IR 850nm
    CustomLites Nichia UV 365nm
    CustomLites SST-50 W65S GJ 1 level direct-drive
    CustomLites SST-90 W65S GN 1 level direct-drive
    Dereelight 1S XR-E R2 WD 2.8-4.2V SMO + OP
    Dereelight 1SM-E XM-L T6 3.4-16V SMO
    LaserProducts P90
    Lumens Factory HO-4 (x2)
    Lumens Factory EO-4
    Lumens Factory IMR-9
    Malkoff M61
    Moddoo Triple XP-G V2
    SureFire P60 (x3)
    SureFire P61
    SureFire P90 (x3)
    SureFire P91
    TorchLAB Triple/60 L3c (V3.10)
    Wolf-Eyes 3W IR 850nm
    Wolf-Eyes Digital Cree P4 HO 3.7v-6.0v D26 4 mode
    Wolf-Eyes Digital Cree R2 WC low Vf HO 3.7v-6.0v D26 4 mode

    M Series bulbs
    Lumens Factory HO-M6R
    Lumens Factory IMR-M3T
    Lumens Factory IMR-M6
    SureFire MN15
    SureFire MN16
    SureFire MN20
    SureFire MN21

    Acessories and parts

    AELight Xenide colored filter set
    Barbolight BR-04 reflecting beacon white
    Barbolight BR-04 reflecting beacon yellow
    FiveMega M6 Deep Tail Cap 2x26500
    Odd Mods SureFire M6 2x18650 Battery Adapter
    Odd Mods SureFire M6 3x17670 Battery Adapter
    OVEREADY SureFire A19 extender
    OVEREADY SureFire A19 extender HA bronzed
    Peli 1040 (drop-in case)
    Peli 1050 (battery case)
    Peli 1060 (Polarion battery case)
    Pila IBC (x2)
    Polarion Diffusion Filter
    Polarion Ti Protective Cover
    Polarion UV Filter
    SureFire FM34 Beam Diffuser
    SureFire Z41
    SureFire Z44, SolarForce IR filter lens
    SureFire Z58
    Wolf-Eyes FD35 Red Filter 600nm
    Wolf-Eyes Light Diffuser

    Missing in action lights

    VersaTi ET10 AAA Titanium low first

    Parts waiting to be put together
    Gold Elephant II D, PAR36 D head
    Chrome Elephant II C, FM3X
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    Default Re: list your lights

    I know call me a noob! Here I go!

    Streamlight stinger terraflux led upgrade
    Maglight 2D led upgrade
    Minimag 2AA led
    Fenix TK40
    Fenix PD20
    Surefire G2l blk
    Surefire G2l ylw
    Surefire E2D Defender
    Icon Rogue 2
    Duracell daylight led
    Dorcy 3AAA led
    3 energizer headlamps

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Fenix TK12
    iTP A2
    iTP A3
    iTP A6
    JETBeam E3S
    Litexpress Camp 103
    MG Pocket Rocket SST50
    Nitecore D10
    Quark Preon ReVO SS NW (coming soon...)
    Xeno Cube V7 (coming soon...)
    Zebralight H50
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    Cool Re: list your lights

    My lights......not that many!

    1. UK-SL6 dive light.....incan.....200 lumens

    2. UK- MiniQ40 dive light....incan.....35 lumens

    3. UK-Zoom light.....led....77 lumens

    4. UK-Fire light......Led.....45 lumens

    4. Pelican 9410.....led.....710 lumens

    5. Surefire E2D Led Defender.....led...200 lumens

    6. Fenix LD01s.....77 lumen
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    Pelican 9410, Surefire E2DL, UK Zoom-light, UK Fire-light, UK SL6, UK Mini-Q, Fenix LD01S "People should not be afraid of their Governments. Governments should be afraid of their people"

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    Default Re: list your lights

    geez after seeing some of the other post's i dont know if i should post my meek offerings..but

    fenix tk11 r5 ..(my first flashlight over $100.(canadian)drove over 550 kilometers to get it and come home again,left the house on a whim at 3 in the morning,brought it to bed later that night and fell asleep holding it for the next few nights,lovingly stroking its knurling and bezel sad but true,classic flashoholizm..

    eagletac m2xc4 neutral..again lovingly stroked and fawned over.

    nitecore d11..carried daily,and just today was stripped of the HA3
    and polished like a shiny new quarter.sleeps in the bed with me.

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    Default Re: list your lights

    - Eagletac M2XC4 MKII Cool LED
    - Eagletac P20C2 MKII Cool LED
    - Eagletac T20C2 MKII Cool LED
    - Eagletac T100C2 MK II Cool LED
    - Inova T2-MP
    - Inova XO
    - Inova XO3
    - Solarforce L2 (R2 Drop in - Sand colored)
    - Solarforce L2 (R5 Drop in - Gunmetal)
    - Solarforce L2 (R2 Drop in - Black with "attack bezel")
    - Solarforce L2P (R5 Drop in - Black with stainless strike bezel)
    - Solarforce L2P (R5 Drop in - Black with stainless strike bezel)
    - Solarforce L2M (R2 Drop in - Black with black strike bezel)
    - Solarforce L2M (R2 Drop in - Black with small black bezel)
    - Solarforce L2X (R2 Drop in - Black two cell model)
    - Maglight 3D LED
    - Maglight w/ Fusion 36 Showerhead LED
    - Mini Maglite with LED Conversion
    - Coleman Max AAA (Spot to Flood model)
    - C30 Flood-to-Throw AAA
    - C30 Flood-to-Throw AAA

    21 total
    Fenix TK16, TK16 - Eagletac P20C2 MKII, T20C2 MKII - Nightcore SRT6, SRT6, EC4S - Olight S20 Baton - Streamlight TRL1s, TRL1s - Inova XO3 - Solarforce L2P, L2, L2M & L2M

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    Default Re: list your lights

    This is going to be a bit of an undertaking, so I'll no doubt edit it as I remember and/or have the time to add more...

    Ace Hardware Blacklight Master 3xAAA 9x5 mm UV
    Brinkmann 2xAA 5 mm LED w/lens
    Brookstone 1xAA 100 lumen (x4)
    CMG Infinity
    CMG Infinity (yellow LED)
    CMG Infinity Ultra (x3; one w/Gerber name, but pre-redesign)
    Coleman plastic single AA incan
    Energizer CFL420 Arc White 4xAA CCFL+incan (x2)
    Energizer PUL3BU1 3xLR-44 5 mm
    Energizer 3xAAA 2x5 mm white+5 mm red LED headlamp (x2)
    Eveready chrome single AA incan
    Excalibur Forever Flashlight
    Fenix LD10 R5
    generic 2xAA w/PR type UV LED
    generic 3xAA 4x5 mm LED aluminum light (x2)
    Harbor Freight 3xD 15x5 mm black aluminum showerhead
    ICON Rogue 1
    Inova X5 UV x2
    Lightwave 3000 3xC 7x5 mm showerhead
    Lowes Task Force 1xAA 1 watt
    Mag 2xD w/Nite Ize 1/2 watt LED module (x2)
    Mag 3xD w/3 watt Mag LED module
    Mag Solitaire blue
    Mini Mag 2xAA (x3; 2 black, 1 blue)
    Mini Mag 2xAA LED (2nd gen, 4 modes)
    mil surplus 4xD incan lamp w/pivoting head
    Panasonic 2xD chrome incan w/threaded bulb+slide focus switch
    Pelican L1 yellow w/white LED (x3)
    Pelican L1 black w/green LED (x2)
    Princeton Tec Aurora headlamp (x2)
    Princeton Tec Impact
    Rayovac Workhorse
    ServiStar 2xC chrome incan
    Stanley SL5W09 5 watt LED spotlight
    Streamlight Jr. Luxeon
    Streamlight TLR-2S
    SureFire 6P LED (6PL)
    SureFire 6P Defender (6PD) with Malkoff M61
    SureFire Saint Minimus
    SureFire E1B Backup
    SureFire 6PX Pro
    SureFire E2D LED Defender (E2DL)
    ThinkGeek RGB color-changing 3xAAA flashlight
    Thor/Cyclops Sirius 9 watt LED spotlight
    XeLED He1UV 395

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    Default Re: list your lights

    Seems like I've been giving away a lot of my lights lately to friends and family so down to...

    Fenix TK40
    Fenix TK35
    Quark Turbo 123 WW
    Quark Mini CR2 WW x2
    Quark Mini 123 Neutral
    P-Rocket SST50 Neutral
    Xeno E03 WW
    HDS Clicky High CRI
    Mac's SST50 4500k
    Deus Vult

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    Default Re: list your lights

    HDS Systems:


    TK30 Warm (I changed emitter to warm MCE)
    TK11 R2
    E01 (5)

    Quark Tactical AA2 Warm Flush Switch
    Quark Tactical AA2 XP-G Flush Switch
    Quark Tactical AA XP-G
    Quark Tactical AA 123 XP-G

    Predator v1.2 High CRI XP-G (OP Reflector, Gold Bezel)

    A1 EOS SS

    Lithium White

    AAA Copper

    Nightstar Shakelight Original Model, O-like 200 mW Waterproof Red Laser, Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme 2AA, Energizer Hardcase Tactical MIL2AAiL, and Junk lights
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    Default Re: list your lights

    Quark Mini 123
    Quark AA▓ tatical
    Preon kit (1&2)

    Stylus Pro

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    Default Re: list your lights

    OK, I'm really getting into this now. I just can't make up my any way this is what I have.

    Jetbeam RRT-0
    Nitecore EX11
    Fenix P1D
    Quark Mini 123
    ITP SC2 Eluma
    Fenix LD20
    Fenix E05
    Maratac Extreme AAA Stainless
    Fenix TK-15 trying to sell

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    Default Re: list your lights


    Fenix TK35

    LED Lenser T7

    Petzl Tikka XP

    Zebralight H51F

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    Default Re: list your lights

    AA Mini Mag Incan
    AA Mini Mag Led
    4D Maglite TLE-300M-EX
    2D Maglite Led Converted
    Terralux Lightstar 220
    Quark AA2 Turbo
    Quark 123 2 Regular
    Quark 123 2 Warm
    Minix 123
    Maelstrom S12
    Led Lenser P7 x2
    Led Lendser p4

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