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Thread: Pelican Spesifications

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    Pelican give much info about their flashlights. Check out the spes. table on the European homepage. Too bad it's not updated. As far as i know the L1 is now ATEX approved. I don't know which of these models are considered "good"? I have heard that The Super Sabrelite and Black Knight Alkaline M10 are great and perhaps winners in their class. However, i miss the adjustable focus!

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    I was at a local gun show this past weekend and the only torches there were Pelican's. Looked like the guy had them all. I tried them all and was not impressed at all. Sorry [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]. Output and rings. The usual suspects. (SHOUT) I want to go to the SHOT show 2002.

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