I have recently recieved a battle lantern that I got on ebay, it is one of the cast aluminum ones here is the pictures:


here's pictures of another one that I didn't get:


the lantern I got, for resons i do not know, has a miniature screw base bulb. This which is unusual for one of these lanterns, it is the only one I have seen with a screw bulb, all others have been dual contact bayonet base.

here's a lantern I'm planning on buying, I have two of this modle already that have been sanded and polished (they look really cool) but I don't have a digital camra so this will have to do:


I have some questions about these lanterns:

1. Do you own or have you ever seen one with a mini screw base bulb?

2. What years were these lanterns produced?

3. Was the lantern in the last link produced for military service?

All help will be appreceated!