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Thread: Krypton vs. Xenon vs. LED bulb Mag-Lites?

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    Default Krypton vs. Xenon vs. LED bulb Mag-Lites?

    I have 5 D cell Mag-Lite flashlights. One of each cell amount size.

    Are there any benefits to replacing the standard krypton bulb with Xenon?

    I already have a couple of EverLED bulbs on the way as well.

    What are the comparisons and charictaristics of all 3 bulbs?


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    Default Re: Krypton vs. Xenon vs. LED bulb Mag-Lites?

    I have tried them all and found that the quartz halogen
    was the overall winner. The quartz seemed to last longer
    between bulb changes

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    Default Re: Krypton vs. Xenon vs. LED bulb Mag-Lites?

    Who sells quartz halogen bulbs for the mag? 3 cell, if that makes a difference.

    My experience is that Krypton is good, and from Mag's literature, Xenon bulbs run a bit longer and brighter.
    My experience verifies they are slightly brighter, but I haven't burned out my first bulb, so can't comment on longevity. They don't seem to blacken as rapidly as the Krypton bulbs do, though.

    However, it's nearly impossible to find Xenon bulbs locally. If you can find them, avoid Ace Hardware: their prices are about 2X more than other places.

    Which Everleds are you getting? I am thinking about either a Diamond regulated Lambertian or the Everled, and would be interested in your experiences and opinion.

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