Okay it's like this. I live and work in Washington DC and I have several friends who are at various levels over at FEMA.

I CANNOT promise that I can affect any specific situation(s) but if anyone in the hard hit areas knows of SPECIFIC LIFE THREATENING issues that are being missed/overlooked and need immediate attention please feel free to post a reply or better yet email me at zespectre@hotmail.com and I'll try to pass the information along.

Please keep the posts/emails as short as possible but do include the important information such as location, point of contact, and the nature of the issue.

I'm asking anyone who replies to please try using common sense and avoid abusing/overloading this line of communication.
"I've been wearing the same clothes for 3 days" is NOT critical.
"The elementary school at such and such street which is housing 185 people has had no drinking water for 3 days" IS critical.

Yes I know that people in the hit areas are probably, generally speaking, offline but I figure every little bit helps.

Also please remember that I am NOT a member of FEMA, just a civilian with a few contacts. So I'll do what I can but no promises.