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Thread: Is surefire usually slow to ship?

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    Default Is surefire usually slow to ship?

    So despite feeling like I should be committed to a mental ward for it, I decided to take a step away from my old maglight and order a aviator directly from surefire. I ordered at like 2am on monday morning before I went to bed. It still hasn't shipped yet. Perhaps I'm just spoiled by the other vendors I buy stuff from, but isn't 3+ days to ship a $200 flashlight a little excessive? I hope the light is better than their service. Is there a better place to order surefire goods from if I feel the urge to do so again?

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    As far as I understand, it's generally thought to be a bad idea to order from Surefire directly. They first supply their professional customers (police, military), then their vendors, and finally the private orders. Typically, it's faster to order from one of the vendors. LApolicegear worked great for me, also Productwizard or Brightguy (mostly, they have free shipping on Surefires, and sometimes throw in a few CR123s).

    However, Surefires customer service is great otherwise. Had the sticking problem with my U2 switch. I emailed them how great the light is, and politely explained the switch problem. They just asked me for my address and send me a new tailcap (free), although shipping the tailcap took them two weeks. But hey, they're very friendly and helpful on the emails and the phone, and replaced it for free.

    But I'm sure you will love the light. Don't have the A2, but I love every single Surefire I have (G2, L2, U2, soon E1L).
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    I ordered the 12 pack of 123A lithium batteries a few months ago and it honestly took approx. 3-4 weeks to receive them. I called after a couple of weeks and they claimed that they had ran out of the batteries....????? They finally arrived but I was not impressed with the time it took to get them. Hope you enjoy the Aviator when it arrives.

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    First, Welcome to CPF!

    If you mean just this last Monday and this is Wednesday, no need to panic yet. Patience while waiting for a new light is a virtue none of us have.

    Surefire is frequently criticized for slow shipping here, but I have no experience buying directly from them.

    In the future, there are many CPF supporting dealers and dealer friends and members who sell SF and any other light you can think of. You can also check into the B/S/T lights forum and find some good deals from individual members.

    You will be thrilled with your A2 wherever it comes from. It won't be your last SF I'll just about guarantee. While you are waiting, might as well pick out and order you next flashlight. Your wallet is in for a bumpy ride.


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    Welcome to CPF Soybomb, and why dontcha stay awhile!

    As you are now gathering, SF shipping leaves something to be desired. They often do not have products in stock. I remember once buying some batteries and accessories from them, the whole process was close to two months.

    Still, their customer service is terrific! If you can get it somewhere else, it will probably be faster.

    welcome again,

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    Order from oldgrandpajack in BST. His prices are very good and shipping is very fast. He sent me a Surefire L2 from N.Y. to L.A., shipping took like 2 days.

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    Wow I wish I knew that a week ago hehe. It seemed like I could get the best price direct from surefire with the 24 batteries I ordered too, but had I known that I might have ordered elsewhere.

    Your order has recently been sent to the shipping department and is currently being packaged for shipping. This order should leave our facility and on it's way to you within the next couple of days. If you have any further questions feel free to contact our Customer Service Department either via email or at the number below. Thank you, SureFire LLC Customer Service Department Phone (714) 545-9444 Toll Free (800) 828-8809
    If it doesn't ship Friday I will be ordering somewhere else and cancelling for sure. I may be spoiled from the other goods I order online, but I still say if I order a $200 flashlight you better jump

    Thanks for the warm welcome!

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    soybomb, just ordered kl-1 and batteries from surefire on 8-23-05. received them today 9-01-05. about 9 days total. they confirm your order with an e-mail, but no e-mail when they ship. if you ordered from the website, you can check status of your order. go to sf and "login". click on "my account", then "view order", then another "view order". this screen should have tracking number. click on it for delivery date.

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    Surefire can run out of stuff at times. We try to keep all the common items in stock at all times.

    You can always call us to make sure we have an item in stock before you buy.

    LA Police Gear, Inc.

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