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Thread: PR 12 6 volt flashlight bulb

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    Post PR 12 6 volt flashlight bulb

    I have a railroad lantern that runs on 6volt lantern battery. The light output is terrible. Is there a site where I could cross reference the factory PR12 factory bulb to upgrade to a new led or better than factory bulb. I beleive the factory bulb draws about 500 ma ,but not sure though.

    Thanx Jason

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    Default Re: PR 12 6 volt flashlight bulb

    You should just buy an EverLED for it.
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    I would look for a bulb that uses 4.8v .75A or greater, there is krypton .75amp bulbs and used to be halogen .9amp bulbs. Academy sports has some weird bulbs and radio shack has a few also. I would look for a 4D to 6v lantern battery converter also, it would save you money on batteries with only a small reduction in runtime.
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