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Thread: BLUE marble ALEPH 2 for sale

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    Default BLUE marble ALEPH 2 *SOLD*

    Hey all
    up for sale is one of my edc lights that i used for about two months and it was replaced by the PD>
    It's a 1X123 marble finished blue aleph2. A couple things have been recently replaced on the light. By recent i mean today and these new parts are not used.

    1. new MCR=20 reflector
    2. New McE2S with a 7 ohm resistor and new rubber button
    3. New light engine with a NG500 and a Freakishly bright TWOH
    with a ceiling bounce test its brighter than my U=bin at the same level. It aslo burns my twok li-on cub with double the current!! god i love these super efficienct TWOH"s. It's one of two freakishly mis=binned led's that made me think my U-bins were broked when i started using them. Some light scratches on the bezel from drops but any blemishes blend in with the marble nicely. Most of the scratches is on the bezel ring that can be replaced. I'm really underratting this beutiful bright light.

    165 shipped conus paypal.

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