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Thread: innovage led 20 led lantern?

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    Default innovage led 20 led lantern?


    these are on sale for $16.

    anyone ever use one and care to offer an opinion?



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    Default Re: innovage led 20 led lantern?

    Bought one at Longs for ten bucks a couple weeks ago. Pretty happy with it. The switch will progressively turn on just one bank of ten leds for econo mode, then both banks for full brightness. Runs on three D cells. It's a nice light that throws a fairly regular blue white beam. Not very powerful, but the swivel head is a nice feature. Too bad the swivel head is glued together, not screwed, so modding would be difficult. I really like the styling and design though.

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    Default Re: innovage led 20 led lantern?

    I have one too. I got it on Ebay about 2 months ago. I like it a lot. It will come in very handy during a power outage. I don't know why they call it a "lantern" though because i consider it an LED pivot "desk" lamp.
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    Lightbulb Re: innovage led 20 led lantern?

    I agree with John. I would not consider this a lantern by any stretch of a normal definition.

    It is a desk lamp, although a very short one.

    I have two and they are quite good as emergency lights. If the head is tilted all the way up, you get a nice bounce-flood effect that will provide good lighting in a dark room.

    I do not consider them much of a camping tool. They might have a use at the picnic table, but there are much better choices for camping.


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