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Thread: Cheap lab light query

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    Default Cheap lab light query

    OK, now I work with people who work in the dark in black painted labs, I have found that they use nasty old incandescent lights (which all have flat batteries or which cannot be found when they are needed).

    I have demonstrated my Nuwai Q3 and wonder what cheap LED light would do a similar job, now that there are a whole heap of new lights comming out of china.

    I need at least a 3W to give enough light.
    It ought to be reasonably small and robust.
    I'd prefer not to use CR123, but I can always buy a pile cheaply if needed.
    Beam output needs to be EVEN and a moderate flood/throw (NO beam defects and NO needle beams).
    MUST BE CHEAP as I propose to buy a number to give to my work colleagues (and I do not earn $$$£££$$$$).

    Thanks for the help, all my lights are custom or cost too mush to use in bulk.

    Striving to banish beam defects wherever they lurk!

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    Default Re: Cheap lab light query

    Hello Peter,

    Lighting up a "Black Hole" is very challenging. This may be just what you are looking for. It is also rated of hazardous environments, and we know that working in the depths of a 5 M Sphere qualifies for that...

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    Cool Re: Cheap lab light query

    SILVERFOX... you read my mind, thats what I was thinking.... I second his great suggestion.


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