I bought an Energizer 4AA stretch flashlight/area light a while back.
When I got it home I had 2 surprises:
1) It is a 3 volt light - Energizer runs 2 sets of batteries in parallel.
2) It is reverse polarity. None of my LED PR bulbs work.
I was not prepared to buy an Everled diamond for it, and it eventually ended up in my retired lights box.

Then Terralux introduced the BA-1 adapter to allow the use of Ministar/Microstar modules in PR bulb based Mag. Ordered 2 from LED-replacement. Good thing too - 1 got crunched in transit. Grabbed an uncut MJLED with trimmed leads (replaced witha a CUT MJLED in my minimag) and insertedit into the adapter. No light. Rotated the LED 180 degrees. LIGHT!!! Oops, doughnut hole. After comparing the position of the LED die with the filament of the original bulb, I pulled the LED forward a bit. Now I got a spot.
The big reflector focussed the uncut MJLED quite well, giving a beam pattern similar to a cut MJLED in a minimag. I will still upgrade to a cut MJLED to get better light dispersion in area light mode, once I figured how long to cut the leads. Meanwhile I'm off to Wal-Mart to get some Pure Energy rechargeable alkalines.