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    I have been looking around for a decent 80-90 mW laser. I want enough power to do all the cool stuff. Cutting tape, popping balloons, and lighting matches. I was looking at the wickedlaser website and saw that they have a starphasor 85mW for $309.99 I also found the starphaser website and they have starphaser 80mW for $260.00 and a 90mW for $310.00. For a penny, I can get 5 more mW. I thought starphaser and wicked laser were the same company. If they are, why would they try to beat their own price? What is going on here? Which company is better to order from? Is the starphaser a decent laser for the money?

    Then I found this laser. It has a bit less power but it is built like a tank. I like the idea of a 100% duty cycle. It says the typical beam output is 80-100 mW even though they say it's a 75mW. I wonder if this is true. Anybody here have one? If so, how about a review? How were they to deal with?

    If anyone has a better suggestion for a laser in the same price and power range, I would love to hear it.

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