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Thread: Does this mean the Post Office lost my package?

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    Default Does this mean the Post Office lost my package?

    I shipped a package via USPS Priority Mail on 11-01 and when I try to check the tracking number (delivery confirmation number), it says:
    "Delivery status information is not available for your item via this web site. A return receipt after mailing may be available through your local Post Office."

    ...and the recipient states they do not have the package (it's not a CPF'er)...does that mean the PO lost the package? I have not seen that before. I did ship it insured, so that's a relief...


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    Default Re: Does this mean the Post Office lost my package?

    No, if the post office doesn't scan the item in then it won't show up on their tracking system via the internet. You may want to try calling the 800# to see if they have any info. For example when we process our orders through their website and drop them off at the local PO, we have to request to have them scanned in otherwise we get the same "error" message. Despite what you may hear the PO has a very good record of getting the packages to their destination. Hope that helps.


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