Before emailing the webmaster with inquiries, please be sure you have read the CPF Rules & FAQs. Chances are that your questions will be answered within the first two paragraphs. Almost all other questions can be answered by reading the general forum FAQ file. Both of these links can also be found in the top menubar of every page on CPF. All registration, password and login questions are answered in those two files.

Do not email the webmaster with inquiries about where to purchase a certain product or what the specifications of a product are or how to do modifications on products. Post your inquiries in the appropriate forum on CPF. You could also try doing a search of the forums to find your answer. The search function can also be accessed by a link in the top menubar of every page on CPF. You will have a greater chance of success with your search if you narrow the criteria down to a specific forum and if necessary, click on the link for "Advanced search tips".

In an effort to reduce spam in the forums by new members who only register in order to post spam, restrictions have been imposed on all new registrations.

1) The first 2 (two) posts that a new member makes (regardless of registration date) are put into a moderation queue before being posted in the open forums. A CPF moderator or administrator then reviews the post and the user account for validity and suitability. If the post is nothing but spam, the account is immediately banned and the post never sees the light of day in the forums. If the post is not spam, it is approved and shows up where it was intended to be posted. After 2 posts have been approved by a member of the CPF staff, the 3rd post will not need moderation and the user account is "promoted" to full posting privileges. Status promotions may not be immediate. It could take up to 10 minutes.

2) Until a new user account has been approved and vetted in the above manner, the account has NO private message privileges and cannot add an avatar or otherwise "customize" their profile. Again, this is due to new users registering for spamming purposes only. They use the PM system without ever making a post in the forums. As with above, once the new member has posted 2 posts and the account has been approved and vetted, full board privileges are instated.

Most other questions have been answered in the Questions/Problems/Suggestions. Please do a search of the threads in those forums before starting a new thread. The chances are real good that your issue has already been discussed several times and the answers you seek are already posted.

If you get a notification while trying to register that your email address has been banned, try another email client such as gmail, hotmail or yahoo. There are many reasons why you would receive this notification that have nothing to do with your own personal email address or the CPF settings. It is your email client or your domain white and black list settings. I cannot fix that. Try another email client or adjust your domain settings. It has unfortunately become necessary to ban certain IP blocks due to the heavy use of them for spamming purposes. These IP blocks are mainly in use in Russia, China, the Philippines and several other overseas countries. If you receive a notification that your IP has been blocked, please contact your ISP to let them know their IP block is being abused by spammers. Once the spamming has stopped, the ban on the IP will be lifted. Monitoring is ongoing and constant.

If for some reason your questions have still not been answered, even after reading the FAQs, and you still need to contact the webmaster, then and only then please Click Here.

Don't forget to include your username. Otherwise, I have no idea who you are and I don't have time to try and figure it out. Your email will simply be deleted. Remember also that you can get more bees with honey than vinegar. In other words, be nice. A rude email or one completely lacking in manners will also be deleted without reply.

Additionally, if I receive an email where it is obvious that you have not read this notice, your email will be deleted without reply.

Thank you all for our cooperation.