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  • Timmo,

    Thanks for the advice and information. You simplified it for me, whereas my husband speaks in flashlight language I cannot understand : lux, amps, spill, thrower, lighthound, oveready, etc. You almost need a master degree in flashlights in order to understand him.

    Hello Timmo,

    I run across your post on "Nichia 5mm, WARM tint?" thread where you say you know of a Germany based company who sells REAL warm white 5mm LEDs and that you have modded your A2 with them. As I plan modding my A2 as well I would like to ask you if you could direct me to that company, ideally to the particular LED you are refering to.

    As I can see from your profile you are an electronic engineer so you have probably some knowledge about how A2 works. If you do not mind I would like to ask you a couple of questions concerning A2:
    Do you use rechargeables in your modded A2?
    If so, was it necessary to change those (33ohm) resistors on the led ring or are they o.k. with rechargeables?
    Has the runtime (on low) changed with the led swap?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you

    Q1- I finally found a datasheet for this WA1085 lamps: pins are 0.020" in diameter, nickel plated steel. Is this OK for your D26 module, or is it too thin?
    A1- Pin thickness is correct size for D26 module.

    Q2- Another question: WHAT exactly do you have as a connection with those hosts for Surefire C-series, for 1X 16340 up to 2X 18650? Are these your products, or do you make them for another person who sells them? In other words: can I add one to a total order I place with your products like the D26 G4 module and PR-to-bi-pin adapters?
    A2- I make these bodies in large quantity for him and he retail sells them.
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