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    Headlamp for close-up, wide angle use

    My boss - knowing I'm into flashlights - asked me what headlamp to buy for his purpose of looking behind 19" audio racks... he simply expected me to know ALL about headlamps, but unfortunately I don't! All he wants is the following: - a normal amount of light, no extreme brightness needed -...
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    Will I turn into a Maglite fan once again?

    In the mean time, I really bought the 3-cell ML25IT... the best incan money can buy nowadays (I mean: standard, non-modified lights). Compared to the ML25LT, the quality of the light is way better of course (incan) but the downside is of course runtime... hardly over 3 hours!
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    FiveMega 1.25D Mag, tri-bored

    Both from the Master: FiveMega himself! Just ask if he has some more, but hurry: these were getting low in his stock or maybe I even got the last ones...
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    How do you explain this Hobby?

    Yes, I use the protected 3400mAh Wolf Eyes batteries. The extra sturdy, long life ones. Indeed, not cheap, but a great value. I've been using Wolf Eyes batteries and flashlight for over 10 years now, the first 18650 still has to fail on me.
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    Keeping the best for last... FiveMega Elephant II !

    Finally, after years of waiting, I was able to maybe grab the last one that could be produced... FiveMega found back part after part, finally only the tailcap was missing, if I remember correctly, it took him a week or so to find it back ;-) But then: it was ready! This is no flashlight...
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    The FM09 is also in...

    As those 25500 batteries are no longer available, I chose the FM09 instead and built a WA1174 (7.2V / 2.77A) bulb in it. Add two 26650 batteries and you are set! Switch it on... and have a LOT of warm, nice incan-light! I really like this light. It's slim and not at all too long or too heavy...
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    How do you explain this Hobby?

    I simply don't explain it. Today, a FiveMega Elephant II came in for me, finally, after a lot of waiting due to improper services of the Dutch post. That thing is huge in the 12X 18650 version, it's long, thick and has a very large head. "What are you going to use THAT for?!?!" my boss asked. So...
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    FiveMega 1.25D Mag, tri-bored

    Today, the postman came and delivered a very nice package from the US: no less than three FM creations were in it. I have them up and running the way I would like them to, they all work flawlessly, as I've come to expect from FiveMega. This is the most compact way to have a 3S li-ion setup I...
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    Favorite Incan and led light

    My favorite incan light must be the FiveMega "Megalennium" 3S 18650. Add a standard SF M6 head, a WA1166 bulb if I remember correctly and of course a FM MN to bipin-adapter and you're ready to go! My favorite LED flashlight? I don't have a favorite LED flashlight. I can only say the "least...
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    Your Favorite Modified Flashlight

    My favorite modified flashlights are all incans. I simply don't like LED flashlights. The one that's my pride is the Megalennium 3S 18650... by FiveMega, indeed. Second must be again a FM construction: the M*g 2.5D, taking either 4 pieces 18650 in a 2S/2P configuration or 2 of those chunky...
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    Favorite maglite size

    2.5D cell, taking either 4 pieces 18650 (2S/2P) or two of those giant 32650s. This is a FiveMega special, you can't buy it in the shops... unfortunately!! I further modified it with a metal reflector and a glass lens, and a Tad Customs 7.2V / 1.2 Amps PR-bulb. A GREAT light!! If it has to be a...
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    Would you leave the Maha Powerex MH-C9000 unattended???

    Very simple: ANY charger that charges lithium based cells, I NEVER, EVER leave charging overnight. This includes my smartphone(!!) Chargers that charge NiMH cells, I regularly leave charging overnight, as that is a "safe chemistry".