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  • Hey on your piezo Maglites, are you just running cables out of the switch and using a connector for the battery?
    hmmm, I was thinking about contacting him about distributing. It sucks to pay $30-40 for a lens! What do you think happened? Lasr3 not have good luck selling? He is trying to sell me a kit but $55 is too steep for my blood!!! Have you used the aspheric on the XML? is it all that is cut out to be? I am not a big fan of aspherics!
    I am close to placing my first order from Barantec. I am actually waiting on the square one to come in. I am thinking I am going to thread whatever it is I put them in with the M16x1.0 thread. Using the square switch I can use a wrench to tighten them in place. The square ones are 4 weeks on back order though so I may just go ahead and order round ones until I decide whether the change is good. You needing some?
    Hope you got hte message...the lenses came today in the mail...better late than never!

    Got to be happy with this. One boro lens and 5 minutes putting it together
    I'll let you know when I get home. I sent to the same address I had saved in my computer from last time.
    G'Day Hector,

    Might be nothing but I'm getting a bit worried. Those two lens packs you sent a month ago still haven't turned up. Normally takes about 10 days from the States to Australia, but sometimes a little longer. Not a month though.

    Can you confirm the address you sent it to please

    Hi Hector,

    I'm chasing two more of those boro lens kits you have. They're great. I like how you can use the torch above water and not worry about the lens burning/melting.

    Normal price please...I can afford it.

    Martin (Klem)
    That Boro lens you sent me (thanks for that)...I'm changing out one of my 4*XM-L mods to see how it goes. How much of the head-threads do you machine off to make sure the bezel covers the O ring and seals?
    Sure does make it look like a 'bought one'
    Redbeeerd- yes, I sell 52.5mm lenses. Check out the tlslights.com site for details. Complete Mag kit with 3 orings and lens is $15, just lens is $12. Plus shipping ($3) and Paypal (4%)
    You can contact me at [email protected] for faster response.

    I read you sell glass lenses? I am looking for 5mm boro lenses at around 52-56mm across, is that something you carry?
    Thanks for all your informative threads, been readin up a bunch! :)

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