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    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 4)

    House s7 e21 - Surefire G2 action.
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    i need a 1 cell aa light!

    Quark QK2A MKIII and a 1AA body.
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    [Review] AA sized LUMINTOP FWAA with Anduril II and 3 x high CRI LED's (Insane power)

    This was important to me: the switch won’t spill its guts out when taking off the tailcap (early versions of the FW3A had this issue) [ review ]
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    Binge worthy series

    House, Amazon Prime (yeah that old tv series that I never watched). Just finished season 1 off - had to find out about which of the three he fired.
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    there are some Jokes

    Two bees met on the street one day. One said to the other - The weather has been cold wet and damp, and there aren't any flowers, so I can't make honey. No problem - said the first bee. Just fly down five blocks and turn left. Keep going until you see all the cars. There's a Bar Mitzvah going...
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    from xxo's post in Re: Interesting Video Finds Part 4 - around 22:30... Dietz Lanterns
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    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    I keep these two handy. My first (gifted) LED light - Fenix PD22 200 lumens. Foursevens Quart QTA
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    are crock pots ussless now?

    I use my 7 quart all the time to make beef bone broth. 48 hour cooking time - give or take.
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    The 4Sevens and Foursevens Picture and Random Question Thread?

    QT2L-X. 780 lumen burst with 14500.
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    The 4Sevens and Foursevens Picture and Random Question Thread?

    Is that a new Dark Sucks, or oldie but goodie no longer made unicorn?
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    BLF/TLF FW3A impressions

    I remember first getting this and watching videos, learning about the Andúril UI, and telling myself to remember to open the head only as opening from the battery / switch side can render the switch inoperable. FF to the other day, switch stopped working after charging the 18650, taking it out...
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    Those tunes that get stuck in your head

    I woke up with this worm-in-the-head.
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    Before I cut carbs (and gluten / wheat / processed flour), I used to make steel cut oats in a thermos.
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    {{ Stuff that just works }}

    Just brewed coffee cup that won't burn your fingers and stays hot the longest? My n=1 is double walled glass cups [ small or large ].