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    As far as I can tell serial numbers are sequential rather than containing a date code, but there are different numbering schemes so I don't know for sure, or if they accurately reflect production numbers. I have a 5C light that's very close to yours--6591727. Your design represents the...
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    Is there a reason why flashlights come with extremely short charging cables?

    I don't think it's nearly as complicated as this thread is making it out to be. Less cable=cheaper. If you're a company advertising "FREE CHARGING CABLE INCLUDED" would you rather it cost you 10 cents or 25 cents?
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    The vintage California cop light company thread

    Anyone know how Sigmalite serial numbers were organized? I get the sense that each size/style of light had its own range but I can't be sure. Are the serial numbers purely sequential or do they have a code in them? Also, how early did the logo and patent status change, and how late were the...
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    What is the deal with Surefire these days?!

    I used to own a lot of Surefires 10+ years ago and usually had great luck sending them in for warranty service when something crazy happened, like a bulb exploded or I dropped one off the roof of a building. They even replaced my the lens of my original Lux V U2 (at my request) instead of...
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    A2 aviator burned out led

    When did that happen? These days a UM2's worth about five times a U2.
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    The vintage California cop light company thread

    Very cool, welcome to CPF, Don. We've spoken by email but it was back when I started collecting police flashlights almost two decades ago. At this point I have probably close to 150 items you've had a hand in designing or selling, including a copy of your book. Not every day one man virtually...
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    The vintage California cop light company thread

    I billion years ago I made a short spacer that would let you use 3x123 in a 6R with the 9P's bulb. Not sure what the modern equivalent of that setup would be.
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    The vintage California cop light company thread

    I really don't know much about the service record of the 10B. It used a popular off the shelf High Standard action in that wacky plastic chassis. They were tuned for full power buck. I can see how they could have some issues, but the problems Ian had with the one in his Forgottenweapons review...
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    The vintage California cop light company thread

    Some good pictures in this thread. I remember when I was the only person on CPF collecting these things. Been a little distracted for a while but I'll get back to taking pics one of these days. And next time I have a chance to take my High Standard 10B to the range I'll get some vids for y'all.
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    Surefire round body light no marked what model on tail cap

    Yeah, that's an older 6P.
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    The ABTOMAT Police Flashlight Collection

    Hey all, hope everyone came through the other end of 2020 in one piece. I made a few interesting additions to the library I'll be posting up when I have a chance. I may have a parts list somewhere but Streamlight no longer supplies parts for these. The ring with the spanner holes only comes...
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    The ABTOMAT Police Flashlight Collection

    I'll get a scan one of these days, when I feel like risking the book. Another Gemlite, or in this case "gem-lite." It looks newer than the two earlier in the thread, and the design has changed. Now features a logo and the machining much less resembles a B-Lite. In fact, the tailcap is a exact...
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    The ABTOMAT Police Flashlight Collection

    As I mentioned earlier in the thread, Kel-Lite made a variety of police-related products. One of them was the "Judo Stick." It's a type of yawara stick, a short handheld baton used for a variety of self-defense and compliance techniques. Don Keller was an advocate for Eastern-inspired martial...