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    Thrunite TN42 (XHP35 HI, 4x18650) Review: BEAMSHOTS and more!

    Beautiful and powerful flashlight :D
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    Is this normal?

    Thank you sir.Yes you are right:twothumbs. And I also learned something from google about the protected circuit battery
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    Is this normal?

    Thank you Lexel:twothumbs
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    Is this normal?

    I bought one Manchest 3400mAh 18650 battery on Amazon for my Nitecore P12. And I found that there were still 80% power remained even as used for two days. And I tried to disassemble it and saw there was a protected circuit board at the bottom of the battery. Is the protected circuit board making...
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    Can you guys explain what this means?

    Hi every one,could you guys please explain what is the 'moonlight mode' about?
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    Does the Olight flashlight manipulate the review on

    I reviewed many of the olight flashlight on and found that many of their review took so long and with verified purchase badge, you know,Amazon has changed its review rules that the review was not eligible to be with a verified purchase badge when at a discount more than 50% Off since...