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    Review NITECORE NSH10 - Multiuse Titanium Snap Hook

    Wow! I'm on love with this bottle opener. Thanks for such a review.
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    Knife Chatter. Show and Tell!

    My last purchase connected with knives was ordering of a professional meat slicer. Anyway, it was a good choice. I'm not sure how often I will use it, but now I'm satisfied completely. I feel myself a pro chef while using this slicer.
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    Sold/Expired *Withdrawn* WTS: Liam Hoffman mini camp axe

    It looks really solid, like old school great tool for camping and not only. I'm looking for something like that now, so, I'm choosing from some modern models, but these options are nothing compared to your.
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    Favorite budget light 2019

    Energizer Hardcase 2AA is a really nice budget variant of lights. I highly recommend it if you are lack of money.