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    Surefire Lego?

    Sorry guys...Life happened, I had to give up most of my collection, but I still have a few of my beloved SF's, and they are still my go to, here they are again in all there former gloy, this time to stay! (EDIT: Gimme a few minutes...LOL!) Hold sec... Wait a sec...wrong...
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    The Zombie and Vampire apocalypse survival light thread?!

    Surefire Kroma Mil-Spec, Hands Down. Red. Blue, IR, Night Vision Green, and two levels of white. Oh, and tough as nails of course!
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    *1-K hr Update* L1-RD (L1 Red) ~vs~ X5 Red ~vs~ 24/7

    Re: *168hr Update* L1-RD (L1 Red) ~vs~ X5 Red ~vs~ 24/7 Just thought I would bump this for old times sake...just sold her to bigbluefish...sad I had to part with it...but, hopefully, some one will re-read this thread, and get some inspiration for these lights...
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    surefire kroma opinions

    Save your money and go for the Mil-Spec. Liked mine so much, bought two. The YG on them is probably the best stealth light setting you can get in such a quality light. I use it every night and every morning to navigate the house with out waking my wife and kiddos up. Also great for keeping a...
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    Need surefire lumamax schooling

    There's only one real L2. There were two differnet body styles, but the heads/emitters never really changed for the L2. As for the L1, you want the one with the the flat/TIR lenses. The 6th gen L1 is also the shortest and the brightest. It should have 10/60 for the lumens setting. The 4th...
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    Need surefire lumamax schooling

    While outdated, but still VERY useful, the L2 is my favorite. The L4, when it cames out, was what started the term "Wall of light", as that's essentially what you got when you turned it on. It fixed the "pencil" beam light you got with the earlier L1's, and gave you a nice high powered floody...
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    It's official. I'm a Millennium Series addict.

    Glad ya got it James...I will miss it, but, I know it went to appreciative hands!
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    Unusual Surefire E2D lens: Did Surefire offer these?

    Same logic as why they used it in the U2. And the same reason an egg is stronger on the top and bottom, instead of the sides. A rounded glass lens is harder to break than a flat one. They still use it on the U2, but I guess due to the smaller size of the E-series, it wasn't much of an issue...
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    Catalog of Discontinued Surefire Flashlights

    I have some you may be interested in rat...
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    Fulton Military Anglehead... LED!

    Holy necro thread batman! This was last posted when I was in Iraq in 2010! I can get one to ya Odie, next time we meet up.
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    ar weaponlights

    99% of the soldiers/marines in Iraq had the SF M961/M962 weapon-lights on their AR. Take that for what you will. 3 batteries. It's what I have and keep on mine. I like the UX07 tail-cap since is has a push button switch and a tape switch. Carry an M3 combatlight and you have a repair kit...
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    6P boring?

    While mine doesn't put on plays or take me out on the town or anything crazy like that, I wouldn't consider mine "boring"...more reserved than anything :0)
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    Heading to Iceland in July ... Should I bother bringing a flashlight?

    Like I said, if you want to go to places like this, than yes, bring several...and a headlamp. Alot of these are with in and hour/hour and a half of the Capital.
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    Heading to Iceland in July ... Should I bother bringing a flashlight?

    Yes. There are a lot of Ice/Lava caves over there. The weather is beyond extreme...even in the summer.
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    It's official. I'm a Millennium Series addict.

    Yes, most Incan sure fires will work with the batteries installed backwards.