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    For Sale Surefire collection for sale

    Bump with price drop
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    For Sale Surefire collection for sale

    4. Surefire C2 Centurion with P60 and LF Ti clip (original + shim included but not pictured) $130 5. Not pictured: genuine Surefire two-bay 18650 charger with AC and DC charge cord. $40
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    For Sale Surefire collection for sale

    All lights are stock unless otherwise noted. Prices include shipping to US or territories 1. Surefire U2 ultra, B serial prefix, Seoul P4 LED $70 2. Surefire AZ2 Combatlight, Luxeon TFFC. E head, P tail $120 3. Surefire A2 Aviator green with LF primary bulb (modified: glow epoxy added under...
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    Why choose a battery with a lower mAh rating?

    In general, lower mAh ratings for a given chemistry can indicate a higher current capability/lower internal resistance, lower self-discharge rate, higher rated cycle count, some combination of the three… or sometimes just that the cell is cheaper (and the manufacturer is honest about the reduced...
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    WTB Boring service

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    Looking for advice for on the go charging of battery packs

    12 AHr at 12 volts is 144 WHr, that’s a lot of juice. My 37Ahr power bank is about 8”x2”x3”, and I don’t think there’s much extra space anyone could cut away there. You’re looking at a pretty sizable pack for a bike Can you give some details on how this 12v light is configured?
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    Surefire tactician oddity

    Everything I’ve gotten from LF has cleaner threads than my new (2018+) surefires. You could say LF steals their IP. But even if so, surefire is bested at their own game.
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    What is the deal with Surefire these days?!

    You should always have one of those on hand, just in case
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    WTB Surefire E1E

    Didn’t know they came in black HA
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    RAT's Massive Surefire Sale thread

    Can I ask you to bump the thread when you edit the first post to add a new item? some may have missed the first edit because they don’t generate an email notification.
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    Issues with 16340 and RCR123A batteries in Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA

    I use LFP 123 cells (similar to the surefire rechargeables shown above) in both an EDCL-1T and the Protac-1L AA. They work fine and have a flat discharge curve with a relatively quick taper as aznsx described.
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    Nearly half of U.S. households use LED bulbs for all or most of their indoor lighting

    Already happens in some places. I live in a state where incandescent bulbs are banned. Halogens are OK (for now)
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    Nearly half of U.S. households use LED bulbs for all or most of their indoor lighting

    An entire generation will be raised knowing only 80 CRI indoor lighting
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    Sure a2 main beam CCT

    Anyone know where I can read about those prototypes?
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    Want an overall beast with throw and flood

    Someone here would EDC it.